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Eden Prairie Players is holding auditions for our 2023 Women’s One Acts+. 

Our 5th annual production in the Women's One Acts series features seven unpublished plays written and directed by women and those with gender-diverse identities. We have 19 roles: 7 male, 10 female, and two of any gender. There are a wide age range of roles available for adults, including 3 “teenage” roles with 2 characters needing to be played by actors who pass as 18 year old women and one as a 15 year old girl. Details of the plays are below.

To ensure the smooth running of the auditions, we ask you to please fill out and submit our online audition form and schedule your audition appointment in advance. You will be asked to upload a recent photo of yourself (portrait-style preferred, but a formal headshot is not required) and a theatrical résumé if you have one. Please also mark your conflicts during the rehearsal period.

Eden Prairie Players is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strongly encourage people with disabilities and members of the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities to audition.


February 21 and 22 starting at 6:30 pm.

Auditions are by appointment. Choose a time slot in the audition form. Scripts will be available to read starting at 6:00 pm.

If you are unable to attend in-person auditions, we allow you to create an audition video and link to it in your audition form. If you aren't familiar with posting videos online, TheaterForms has a page explaining different ways to put a video online and get a link to it to paste into the form, including using YouTube, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Click here for these instructions. Make sure the video is set to be visible to anyone with the link. You may use a 1-2 minute monologue of your choice or read from one of the sides provided below.

Click here to fill out an audition form


Eden Prairie City Center (Map)
8080 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie
Garden Conference Room on the lower level. Please visit the check-in table when you arrive. 


Auditioners may choose to read a side from one of the plays or prepare one or two monologues, up to two minutes. We will provide sides from each play. You may choose one side and role to read for your audition. You will still be considered for all of the plays. Actors will be paired together to help read the other roles in a scene. You can ask to read with someone you know if they are there at the same time.

We have sides available to download. Choosing a particular side doesn't limit you to being considered for just that play.

Go to folder to download sides.

We recognize that you may not wish to be considered for every play in the collection. You can get a feel for all the plays by reading the sides ahead of time. We will have full copies of all of the plays available to read starting at 6:30 PM on both audition nights. If there are any plays you would prefer not to be considered for, please inform the volunteer at the check-in table.

Production Schedule

Rehearsals will be scheduled individually for each play, around the availability of the actors and directors, from the last week of March to tech week. Typical one acts rehearse about twice a week, and we are flexible enough to work around spring break vacations.

Tech and Dress Rehearsals

Monday, May 8 through Thursday, May 11 at 6:30 pm


Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13, 7:30 pm
Thursday through Saturday, May 18 to 20, 7:30 pm
Sunday, May 21, 2:00 pm

There will not be a performance on Mother’s Day.


Plays and Roles

The Box Play (A Play About Boxes)
by Liv Shoup
directed by Laura Baker

When college freshman Morgan is forced to leave her childhood home due to her abusive step mom, her best friend Lucy shows up to help pack. Morgan sets up three boxes -- one for sentimental items, one for her clothing, and one for "other," or anything else. As they go through Morgan's memories and belongings, Lucy gains uncomfortable insights into how Morgan sees their relationship.

MORGAN - 18, female presenting, witty with a good sense of humor, but can be blinded by her traumatic past of emotional abuse from her parents. Classic girl next door energy. 
LUCY - 18, female presenting, extroverted and over the top. She's friendly, loving, and loyal -- to a fault. Though Lucy can't always read the room, she always tries her best to help. She recently discovered that she's a lesbian, but is still in the closet.

Discarding Skirts
by Leslie Corn
directed by Michelle Schwantes

In 1908, Frank Woodhull sails back to America to the challenge of a lifetime. Were names really changed at Ellis Island? This one is. And, in the process, an identity that bravely rejects society's limitations on a woman's gender is, unwillingly, revealed.

FRANK WOODHULL - 50, any gender, presents as male. English-Canadian. Dressed in a dark suit and a slouched hat. Has a mustache. Hoping not to stand out.
DAISY FLETCHER - 20s, female. English working-class. Cockney accent. Wears an unassuming dress and hat. Forthright, chatty.
INSPECTOR HOWELL - 30s-40s, male. An organizer. Can be doubled with Murray.
DEPUTY COMMISSIONER MURRAY - 40s-60s, male. A perceptive and fair jurist.

Perfect Maid
by Karen Howes
directed by Jess Passaro

When a single woman decides to get back together with the schmuck of a boyfriend who cheated on her, the maid—who cleaned the woman’s apartment and set her wounded life back on course—returns to keep the breakup intact.

MARTA MATHISON - female presenting, attractive.
VERA WALTERS - any gender - might be older than Marta (adept at physical comedy)
The characters can be any race or ethnicity.

7-10 Split
by Ruth Cantrell
directed by Samantha King

Lois Lanes, a drag queen, goes to a bowling alley to pay homage to their late grandmother and reflect, with laughter and grief, the life lessons this feisty lady taught about not only being able to bowl a strike, but live life to its fullest.

LOIS LANES (A.K.A. Louis) - a drag queen (mid 30’s) who speaks directly to the audience. As young Louis
(7-14), Louis speaks to the other characters in the scene, still wearing Lois’ attire. The character is AMAB (assigned male at birth) but genderqueer identities encouraged to audition.
GRANDMA - Louis’s east Texas Grandmother (late 50’s) 
DALE LEE - Louis’s father (mid 30’s)

by Dale Griffiths Stamos
directed by Lori Alsdurf

A son's world is shaken when his mother, suffering from Alzheimer's, mistakes him for someone else and then shocking truths are revealed.

ROXANNE BOUVIER - 70s, has Alzheimers, from an old French Creole family
PAUL BOUVIER - 40s, Roxanne's son, CEO of a coffee company
LAWRENCE BOUVIER - 70s, Roxanne's husband, also French Creole heritage

It Skips a Generation
by C.J. Ehrlich
directed by Lori Constable

Many things get passed down in a family: looks, mementos, even outlooks. But sometimes it takes a second generation to find connections. Chaya has to meet with her estranged grandfather in secret in order to find out more about his past…so that she can start to explore her future. In this charming two hander, we see how different generations can find common ground, even when they aren't meant to.

CHAYA - female, 15 years old, cheery, helpful, obedient; an Orthodox Jew raised in Borough Park, Brooklyn.
SAM - her grandfather, 70s

Ashes to Dust
by Kate Leslie
directed by Jen Cordes

Hattie's father has just died, and she is not handling it well. It's hard enough to keep her head above water with her bickering siblings, but her bickering daughters are not helping matters. In the car leaving the wake, Hattie must make a confession to her daughters and hope for understanding.

HATTIE - 40s - 60s (she/her) Anne and Meredith's mother. Coming to terms with her father's death.
ANNE - 20s - 30s (she/her) Caring but occasionally self-absorbed. Recently quit smoking. 
MEREDITH - 20s - 30s (she/her) Anne's older sister. Nurturing but sometimes smothering.
The characters can be any race or ethnicity.

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