Auditions - Lex-Ham Theater's First Lady

Lex-Ham Community Theater will hold auditions for its Fall (Sept 28-Oct 6) production of First Lady by Katharine Dayton and George Kaufmann on

1:00 - 4:00 p.m., Saturday, June 23 and

6:30 - 9:00 pm., Monday, June 25
Jehovah Lutheran Church
1566 Thomas Ave W, Saint Paul

Mary Cutler will direct the production.  Rehearsals will begin around August 15.

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“Set among the elegant townhouses of Georgetown, this political comedy focuses on the intrigues that go on among the elite “power" hostesses of Washington DC and their ambitions. A feud has existed for years between the manipulative Irene Hibbard and her rival, Lucy Chase Wayne, one of the capital’s most elegant and quick-witted hostesses and wife of a Cabinet official. When both women try to put forward the men in their lives as a possible presidential candidate, the feud becomes all-out war. Irene wants to back a handsome bachelor Senator (and divorce her husband after the election), while Lucy hopes to become First Lady by supporting her own husband; complicated negotiations and false rumors erupt into an all-out scandal that consumes the social life of Washington and changes the fate of the nation.”  (  

First Lady is a 1935 comedy of manners by one of the foremost comic playwrights our country can boast, George S. Kaufman.  Kaufman and co-author, Katherine Dayton—DC society journalist of the era—satirized the true political powers within that society—the women who promoted and voted for that which they felt was right.  
Per Kaufman’s style, these playwrights write a huge cast with 14 men and 11 women with some doubling possible. This cast of characters have differing line assignments from leading characters to minor character and walk-ons.  The play is set in 1935 Washington, DC as will the production.  Lex-Ham hopes you will audition and encourage others to do so.  Roles written for those who can play 20 to 80 years old need apply.  

Auditions will consist of cold readings of selected scenes from the play, available at auditions.  Character breakdowns will be available at auditions to guide your cold readings.  We are looking for solid characters, who play well with others.  

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