Awakening for Performance through Zero Experience

Awakening for Performance

Workshop taught by Manhong Kang from Seoul Institute of the Arts.

Register for one (or both) dates: July 29th or August 4th

Deepen Your Creative Presence Through “Zero Experience” ~ A Breathing Process for Artists. “Zero Experience” is a profound process of breathing that deepens creative expression through an experience of authentic presence. The exercises in this workshop guide you out of your head and into a deeper connection to your heart and spirituality. Connecting to your creativity at this depth will change your life by helping you to realize your pure essence. When you arrive at the space of “Zero Experience” through breath, you will emerge through your own cosmic external reality to connect with your internal Nature. From here you can fully move and breathe from the heart and can become Your Self. It is from the authentic space of Self that your true creativity emerges. Whether you are a performer, dancer, musician, writer, painter, or other creative practitioner, Zero Experience will help you to achieve a pure experience of presence. Starting from Zero Experience, you can create whatever you want.  

Manhong Kang has over 40 years in international theater as performer, director, choreographer, and is a professor at Seoul Institute of the Arts, South Korea. This workshop is based on his curriculum: Zero Experience and Awakening for Performance.

Registration deadline is 24 hours prior to start of workshop ~ details emailed after you contact us with interest.  Participation is intentionally limited to 10 participants for each workshop to allow immersion experience and one-on-one work with Professor Kang

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