"Buffy the Bedbug Slayer" Auditions for MN Fringe Festival

Spike Tape Productions is holding video submission auditions for their MN Fringe Festival show, "Buffy the Bedbug Slayer."  Come join us spoof the beloved 90's cult tv show where Buffy has retired from the Slayer's life but is dragged back into the world when her apartment becomes infested with vampire-like bedbugs, thanks to her landlord, Donald Trump...I mean Dennis Drumpf.    We are looking to cast Xander and Drumpf. 



XANDER HARRIS- Male actor to play mid 20s dorky, sarcastic friend of Buffy Summers.  Looking for the mannerisms and attitude of Xander based on the tv show.  This is a color inclusive role.  

DENNIS DRUMPF-Male or female actor to play the evil landlord of Buffy Summers.  This role is a spoof on Trump and will be operating a "Muppet" style puppet of Drumpf.  Looking for someone who can do a Trump impression (whether they be male or female) and would like to hang out with a puppet all summer.  They do not need to look like Trump, it is the voice that is important.  This is a gender and color inclusive role. 

***Note: For the Drumpf audition, it would be helpful to have a puppet of some sort, even a sock puppet will do, but definitely not essential.  

Auditions and Performances:

BtBS will be performed during the MN Fringe festival, running August 3rd-13th.  Specific dates and location are not available yet.  Rehearsals will start July 5th, Mondays-Thursdays, and will be held at Ausgburg College.  


For the audition, please submit a resume, conflicts, and a video audition to [email protected] before June 30th.  

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