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UPDATED August 4!

Walking Shadow Theatre Company is hiring actors to join the current cast of the ongoing immersive drama Cabal, a play with puzzles. We are currently accepting actor submissions through August 8, for a start date of mid-August.


Cabal is a cross between theater and escape room. It is a live, scripted performance with actors; it's also an immersive, interactive experience for a small audience who function as a main character, exploring a detailed environment and solving large-scale, hands-on puzzles.

Cabal is a mystery/adventure story about magic, secret societies and alternate dimensions, that explores themes of personal responsibility in impossible situations, and how individuals can initiate personal and societal change.

To learn more about this type of theatrical event, please visit the walk-throughs for two of our previous puzzle shows:
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Cabal is currently in performance. The production has an open-ended run, and we are expanding our pool of actors to ensure coverage in case of COVID, and so that no one person feels like the show relies on them, and can occasionally do other things with their lives. These roles are NOT understudies, but additional ensemble members – we have multiple actors alternating each role, much as Science Live does at the Science Museum.

We are accepting audition materials for the following roles through August 8:

Jack Nimble (woman, trans, and/or nonbinary, 20s-40s) -- an Adeptus of the Cabal, a Hermetic magician -- open to performers of any race.

Morgan Zakar (woman, trans, and/or nonbinary, 20s-40s) -- an Adeptus of the Cabal, a spiritual medium -- open to performers of any race.

Trans, Nonbinary, and BIPOC actors are especially encouraged to apply. Please see notes on Gender in Cabal below.

Cabal is an immersive theatrical experience for only 10 audience members at a time. Actors perform scripted scenes, some with each other and some directly addressing the audience. Between the scripted scenes actors are expected to maintain their character, and manage audience engagement with the puzzles and space as necessary. Actors also do some light crew work during the performance. (For example, Actor 1 may adjust some props in one space while Actor 2 engages with the audience elsewhere. There is a Stage Manager who handles most of this.)

Rehearsals and performances are at 2010 Hennepin Ave E, Minneapolis MN 55413.


Cabal uses a story element of body possession to explore themes of the systemic abuses of power, especially as a metaphor for the #metoo movement. While these themes are explored through the use of fantasy magic and in oblique ways, they are nevertheless the dominant undercurrent of the work.

Because of this Cabal also features a secret third role, played by both actors in turn, of the order's Archmage. This character has extended his own life through magical means, using soul possession to displace the souls of his trusted adepts, and live as them. The crux of the play deals with resolving this issue, and bringing the Archmage to a type of justice. 

Although his original body was male, the Archmage has lived as both men and women, and depending on his manifestation at various times in the show, may have either a male or female name, pronoun and self-identification. To this end, cast members will be asked to play a character of a gender other than their own.


Rehearsals begin August 22. New cast members are encouraged to be off-book by the first rehearsal (a lightly spaced 32 pages). In order to work around our ongoing performance schedule, we anticipate a mix of daytime and evening rehearsals, pending cast availability.

Typical performance schedule is Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2:00pm, with occasional Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at 7:30pm. We very occasionally get requests for custom (daytime) performance times for private groups.

Cast members alternate in the roles, which currently means relatively few shows per week. We hope to be able to increase the total number of performances per week to our pre-pandemic schedule.

New cast members will be incorporated into the ensemble during the month of August, and should have good availability in September/October, and ideally through the end of the holiday season (mid-January).


  • Experience with performance, and also games, immersive art, or puzzles.
  • Ability to stay in character while leading the audience through a series of environments without breaks, for 90-100 minutes at a time.
  • Ability to read an audience and understand what they need and how best to assist them with puzzle-solving.
  • Some previous crew, stage management, or technical theatre experience.
  • Must have good performance availability for September/October, ideally through the end of the holiday season (mid-January).
  • Previous applicants are welcome to reapply with their updated availability.


Compensation is $18/hour, with a 3-hour minimum for any performance or in-person rehearsal call. Time spent at home memorizing is paid at the same rate, with no minimum call. Paid as employee (with taxes taken out, with workers comp insurance). Pay is non-negotiable. This is a non-union position.


Cabal contains flashing lights, sudden loud sounds, and references to magic and the occult.

COVID Policy

All Walking Shadow workers must be fully vaccinated with at least one booster shot, or request an exemption as an accommodation.

Cabal is an immersive experience in a small space. Actors and performers will be sharing the same area. Social distancing is not possible, but audience capacity is limited to 10 people.

We require all audience members also to be fully vaccinated with at least one booster (or provide a negative PCR test); we require non-cloth masks for audience, crew, and performers.

Cabal involves touching objects and surfaces. You will be handling things that people in your audience are also handling. The CDC considers the risk of COVID transmission via surfaces low compared with droplet transmission and airborne transmission.

Our COVID policy is subject to change as the pandemic continues.


Please email your headshot & resume, and video monologue (classical preferred, but not required), as well as your weekly availability through January 1 to director John Heimbuch at by August 8. (PLEASE NOTE: We have extended our original deadline by one week!)

In your resume, besides “regular” theater, please include any puzzle, escape room, role playing, or immersive experience.

Callbacks and interviews will be scheduled individually with qualified applicants.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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