Cast & Crew for “HONK!” Announced

Congratulations to the HONK! Cast & Crew

Thank you to all who participated in the auditions for our Spring 2022 production of HONK!

HONK! Cast

   Waddles: Sophia Salim
   Web: Ruth Madson
   Beaky: Tryg Decker
   Fluff: Lindsey Josephs
   Downy: Amara Sweet
   Billy: Gus La France
   Paddy: Hailey Rodriguez

Fish & Froglets:
Felicity Gallaty
Elizabeth Gossard
Sophie Schroeder
Elsa Sweet

Ugly: Tyler Stanchfield

Ida: Amy Madson

Drake: Ed Miska

Maureen: Amy Mathews

Grace: Denise Lutgen-Gallaty

Henrietta: Grace Becker

Turkey: Sophia Holloway

Jaybird: Jim Grismer

Greylag: Evan Remmel

Dot: Kari Stern

The Squad Gaggle:
   Longneck: Kristin Fox
   Pinkfoot: Deborah Schee
   Gooseberry: Sydney Schroeder
   Snowy: Riley Webster
   Barnacles: Jim Grismer

Cat: Alex Hultgren

Low Butt: Sophia Holloway

Queenie: Grace Becker

Voice of Woman: Brenda Grismer

Floor Manager: Jason Josephs

Voice of Farmer: Alan Dewey

Bullfrog: Deborah Schee

Mother Swan: Nicole Hultgren

Father Swan: Alan Dewey

Penny: Mary Sweet

Ellegy soloist: Mary Sweet
Collage, Blizzard solo: Melanie Haight
Jane Gossard
Brenda Grismer
Chuck Stern
Jason Josephs


HONK! Crew

Set Team:
Lead: Katie Holmes
Ginny Mathews
Peter Mathews
Amy Mathews
Dan Schultz
Andy Start
Mike Essen
Bob Stangler
Phil Weiler

Costume Queens:
Joan McNutt
Linda Lohse
Judi Mohr
Dorothy Davis

Stage Managers:
Nikki Christensen
Mary Jo Morales
Linda Seaton

Auditions Hospitality:
Mary Jo Morales
Linda Seaton
Brenda Grismer
Melanie Raska
Ann Brilley
Jane Gossard
Lorie Hoekstra
Patti Scheveck

Glory Players Board of Directors:
Mary Jo Morales
Mary Sweet
Alan Dewey
Jane Gossard
Patti Scheveck
Amy Mathews

Rehearsals begin Monday, January 3, 2022 at 6:30 pm and will follow a Monday & Tuesday evening (6:30-9 pm), Saturday morning (with kids; 9 am-1 pm) schedule.

Performances will run March 11-13 and 18-20, 2022. Ticket information available in January.

Contact Joy Ann Harmon, HONK! Director, at with any show questions.


HONK! is a delightful and award-winning adaptation of the 1843 Hans Christian Andersen story The Ugly Duckling, one of the world’s most beloved fables celebrating what makes each of us special. Ugly looks quite a bit different from his darling duckling brothers and sisters. The other animals on the farm are quick to notice and point this out, despite his mother’s protective flapping. Feeling rather foul about himself, the little bird finds himself on an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out that being different is not a bad thing.

HONK! is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI):

Contact information

Glory Player Theater Company
Joy Ann Harmon
(763) 473-6968 x113
Web site

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