Children's Theatre Company Seeks Actors for SPAMTOWN, USA by Philip Dawkins

Children's Theatre Company seeks actors for world-premiere production: SPAMTOWN, USA by Philip Dawkins 

You’ve read the story of the 1985 Hormel strike in Austin, Minnesota. But this is what wasn’t printed in the newspapers; the families, the kids, and the idealized town where everything was fine...but was it? A moving portrait of families divided, where confrontation was the new normal, and where children’s dreams of fashion school, tennis competitions, and space travel were interrupted by arguments and ethical questions. This is the story of the hurt that comes when you’re forced to take sides, the hope that comes in surprising alliances, and the laugh-out-loud humor that makes everything possible.


Travis- (High School Sophomore- actor must be under 18). Caucasian teen. Really into cars and building them. Pretty ambitionless at the start of the play, not so motivated.

Carol- (6) (Aged 8-10) Korean adoptee. Curious, but terrified of the strike.

Rosa; Scott's Mom- (Mid to late 30’s). Mexican American. Tough, funny, runs a Salon out of her living room.

Please contact [email protected] for more information. 

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