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$0.00 and the production team from are filming their 4th feature film (3rd in MN).  Trailers of The Current, Miles Between Us, and Treasure Lies are available at  MY SEVEN GRANDMAS will be filmed in and around Elk River between 8/29 and 9/30.  It is a drama with a little comedy thrown in.  We are currently casting for a number of roles in the film including the Seven Grandmas.

Please send a monologue of your choosing and a headshot to


16-year-old Gigi moves with her mom from California to Minnesota to take care of Grandpa after Grandma's death.  When Gigi meets a group of older ladies at the local library, she devises a (brilliant/evil) plan to get one of them to marry Grandpa so she can go back home.  The biggest challenge isn't in finding a romantic connection for her loveable, goofy (dad-humor) Grandpa; it's in converting Grandpa to Christianity so he's on the same page with the love interests.  Grandpa -- like Gigi -- is an atheist. is a non-profit production company that produces family-friendly entertainment with a message.


The Grandmas (all appear 60-70)

  • DIXIE - A Dentist, the self-appointed leader of the group (caucasian)
  • DOLLY - ditsy, silly, the comic relief (race open)
  • SOPHIA - likes to have fun  (appears to be of Italian descent)
  • SLOAN - always tired but observant (race open)HELEN - Happy, jolly, friendly, spreading joy to everyone (race open)
  • BERNADETTE - the shy one and not a great conversationalist (race open)
  • GRETA - always annoyed and irritated (race open)

Other Roles

  • PASTOR BAUER - A caring man with a past (caucasian, 30's - 40s)
  • CLARENCE - The small-town librarian with a heart of gold (race open, 60's)DR. SIMERSON - Stern and to the point(race open, 30's - 60's)
  • DAVE - Kind, caring (caucasian, late 30's to early 40s)
  • PAM - Kind, caring (caucasian, late 30's to early 40s)
  • DRIVER - Male (race and age open)
  • FUNERAL DIRECTOR -  (race and age open)

If selected, we will send a scene to self-tape followed by in-person auditions by invitation in early July.

Thank you!

Non-Speaking Roles

  • BARISTA -  18 - 20-year-old male or female
  • CASHIER - 18 - 20 year-old male

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