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Actor, male or female – Opportunity to own your career as a solo actor; $500 - $2000 per performance.

Are you looking for a non-traditional path for your acting talents?
For over 20 years I toured the U.S. and Great Britain (including the Edinburgh
Fringe Festival, Texas Shakespeare Festival, South Carolina Shakespeare Festival) with one person shows which I wrote, produced and performed. Because of ill health, I am now retired and wish to pass the torch, handing off this opportunity to the next generation.
I have available four performance scripts, props, sets, costumes, booking contact information – everything a performer would need to develop a successful career as a solo performer. I am willing to help guide and direct an enterprising young actor into a new and successful career. These original scripts are all based on actual historical characters and could be adapted to male or female.
In addition to the above, I would be willing to direct, coach, encourage and inspire a dedicated actor in everything from the artistic elements to the business side of building a career in a field I love. Experience in interactive and improvisational performance is helpful, but not required. 20 years ago, I earned $500 to $2000 per performance.
Anyone interested most be an experienced, self-motivated actor wanting to take their career in their own hands.
For more information about me and my background as an actor, director, teacher and businessman, go to If you are seriously interested, contact me at [email protected].
Alfred “Alfy” Wolfram

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Posted June 22