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Everybody LOVES a dance party! Do you like to be the center of attention? Are you an extrovert? Keep reading... A-List Entertainment & Events is a local DJ entertainment company with a niche in the bar/bat mitzvah community. ( You do NOT need to be Jewish to apply). We provide kick-ass, Lit, super fun, family friendly parties on Saturday nights, in honor of a thirteen year-old child becoming a bar or bat mitzvah ( Google it!) We bring a team of entertainers - a DJ, an MC, hip hop and break dancers, sound and lighting equipment and we lead the night's events. - usually parties are 3-4 hours in length and you are required to arrive 45 minutes before guest arrival.

We are looking for talented, physically fit, young adults ( 22-34)  to lead the team as an MC. You need to come with confidence, playfulness, and some experience talking to large groups on a microphone. Dance experience is also a plus. Applicants with a background in musical theatre or comedy sports are naturals. The events are planned but unscripted. Think improv! The MC is the Secret Sauce to the party - gotta be likable by kids and parents, articulate, a ham, and clean cut. You need not be Jewish but you do need to be open and tolerant to all ethnicities and you need to be fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID19. These events are team efforts so while we need you to be a leader, we need you to be a team player, as well. COMMUNICATION, TIMLINESS, A SENSE of URGENCY , FRIENDLINESS, and PROFESSIONALISM are a MUST! SMILING is also required! Our tagline is Non-stop energy from start to finish! We mean this - if you have the energy and want to get paid for having fun and being part of life-cycle events for families, please e mail me: [email protected] The position is for an independent contractor - payment occurs immediately after MCing an event. Pay rate listed above is for the first independent gigs you run. Training is necessary and pays less. Room to grow and to be paid more than the above listing. We will teach you everything you need to know if you bring the enthusiasm and talent.

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