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Bullseye Media is always looking for commercial talent. To be considered for our next open call, submit a headshot and resume, and we’ll be in touch. We are also seeking actors for these upcoming commercials: 

“It’s About People” Pinnacle Accounting and Finance 

Seeking all types and ethnicities for a commercial for Pinnacle Accounting and Finance. 

Synopsis: a new job opportunity allows a person to spend more time with their family and friends.

“How Do You Sandwich?” Country Hearth Bread 

Seeking the following roles for an upcoming commercial for Country Hearth Bread: mother, father, boy, young man, and therapist. 

Synopsis: young man revisits childhood memories of his parents arguing over how to cut a sandwich. 


Boy: Male, 8-12 

Mother: Female, 30-50

Father: Male, 30-50

Young Man: Male, 25-30 

Therapist: Male or Female, 25-50

Ethnicity: All ethnicities

“The Hunk” Oggi-Pro

Seeking the following roles for an upcoming commercial for Oggi-Pro Recruiters: fairy-god hunk, woman job-seeker, man job-seeker. 

Synopsis: an enigmatic, cool-and-collected hunk appears to those in need of a career change. He soothes their worries by informing them of the professionals at Oggi. Is he real? Who knows, but darned if he isn't a hunk. 


Hunk: Male, 20-35

Woman Job-Seeker: Female, 20-50

Man Job-Seeker: Male, 20-50

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

TBD. Rehearses and shoots in Minneapolis, MN. 

Compensation & Union Contract Details


Contact Information  

Please send your headshot and resume to [email protected] containing the commercial of interest and your name. For example, “It’s About People” John Doe or "Open Call" John Doe. 


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Posted March 6