Fall Stage Combat Course - Sword and Shield

This fall, SAFD-Certified Teacher Mike Lubke is offering an 8-week course in stage combat using sword and shield.  Come channel your inner warrior and learn how to perform fights like those featured in Gladiator, Wonder Woman, Troy, and countless shakespearian histories. The class is designed to give students all the tools they need to confidently and convincingly perform theatrical violence that is both safe and dramatically effective.  No prior experience necessary.  Whether you're a performer, choreographer, or just someone who wants to get a bit of a workout on weekends while swinging swords around, this class is for you.

The course culminates with a public performance showcase with students getting the option to be adjudicated for a Skills Proficiency Test.  The test process gives students the opportunity to perform a fight within a scene for an excited audience and receive feedback from one of the SAFD Fight Masters, a group of professional choreographers with decades of experience.  It is a rare thing in the arts to be able to have your work critiqued and validated against a national standard of quality, but that is the foundation of the SPT process.


When: Sunday Nights 6-10PM

October 8th-December 3rd

--No class November 19th--


Where: Christ Church Lutheran Gym

3244 34th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406


Cost: $300 (testing fees included)


For more info, or to register today, visit http://stagecombatmn.weebly.com/fall-sword-and-shield-spt.html

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