FRIENDS WITH GUNS Casting Notice: 2W & 2M, with Roles for Performers of Color

Uprising Theatre Company is casting for the Rolling World Premiere of Stephanie Alison Walker’s incredible new play FRIENDS WITH GUNS. Directed by Shalee Mae Coleman: Find out more about Shalee at:


Show Summary:

Two sleep-deprived moms meet at a West LA park, and it’s instant sisterhood. Their husbands hit it off, too, and it seems as though they’ve found their friend family — until guns enter the conversation. FRIENDS WITH GUNS is a dark comedy that pulls the curtain back on liberals with guns. It explores what happens when suddenly one person in a marriage does a 180 on the gun issue and it asks what we can compartmentalize and what we can’t. It pulls the curtain back on liberals with guns. It asks what happens when suddenly one person in a marriage does a 180 on the gun issue. And it does all of this through a female lens.


FRIENDS WITH GUNS is a 2018 Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center National Playwrights Conference Finalist,  2018 Bay Area Playwrights Festival Semi-Finalist, and 2018 InterAct Theatre Company New Play Development Award Finalist.


Why audition? If cast in this show, you will be a part of a production with nuanced characters, sharp dialogue and overall incredible script. You will be supported by a director that values actor agency and dignity while creating a supportive environment that prioritizes actors emotional, psychological, and physical safety. You will also be a part of a show that partners and asks audience to work with MOMS DEMAND ACTION, an organization fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence.


Audition Information:


Auditions:    Tuesday April 23rd, 6-10pm & Sunday April 28th,  4-8pm

Callbacks:     Tuesday April 30th,  6-10pm

Where:         St. Peders’ Church at 4600 E 42nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

What:            Cold reads of monologues, while callbacks will consist of cold reads of scenes  from FRIENDS WITH GUNS.

Accessibility:     If you require copies of the monologues or scenes ahead of the audition for  accessibility reasons, please let us know.

Note:         Please try to be available for callbacks as cast chemistry is paramount to this production. If you cannot make either the audition or call back dates, please let             us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.



To sign up for an audition please follow these steps:

1: Go to this link and fill out the audition form:

2: Send your headshot and resume (formal or informal) to [email protected]. They should be titled LASTNAMEheadshot and LASTNAMEresume (yes, they need to be titled like this.)

Once you have done the above two steps in full you will be sent a link to sign up for an audition slot. 


Performance/ Rehearsal Information:

Where:     The Off-Leash Art Box

When:         September 20- Oct. 5, 2019 with performances on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and two performances on Saturdays.

Rehearsals:     Run from the end of July through August and into the performances in September, flexible around the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

*****Paid Stipend Provided*****



SHANNON - Stressed out mom to two young boys (2 & 5.) Liberal. Feminist. Suffers from anxiety of the 'everything-needs-to-be-perfect-and-especially-I-need-to-be-perfect variety. She has a lot of fear that stops her in life. Wouldn't even know how to be begin to re-claim her power though she wants to. She's a great mom, but shackled by the expectations of what a "great mom" should be. So though she is one, she never feels like it. Realtor. Married to Josh.

JOSH - Liberal democrat. Married to Shannon. Father to their two boys. Is the main breadwinner. Works a decent but boring job (Data scientist at Hulu.) Has a great sense of humor. Is pretty self-aware, for the most part. Knows deep down that he has an unhealthy relationship with his smart phone but would never admit that to his wife. Everybody loves Josh.

LEAH - Wicked smart hippie/boho/punk mom who surfs and does yoga, is a self-proclaimed mathlete and is handy with a table saw. She seems to know the secrets of the universe. She is an empath and a connector. She's a deep eye contact kind of woman who really sees you and doesn't judge. Truly.

DANNY - Exudes a laid-back coolness that is ingrained in his DNA. This man was just born that way. He is a former shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays. Grew up in Montana. Owns his own old-fashioned printing press. Distills his own whiskey. Fly fishes. And can really rock a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He is cool and it comes easy. He is not trying, NOT ever trying to be cool. He just is. Some people might wrongly assume he's a hipster. He's not a hipster. Don't ever call him that. He's pre-hipster. He's DANNY.


*All characters are in the late 30s/early 40s. In the interest of providing roles to the incredible performers in this age range, especially women, the director is asking that if you are younger than 35, please do not audition. If you sign up and are not within the specified age range, you may be asked to surrender your slot to give room for a more appropriate performer.


Uprising and the director plan to cast color-consciously, which means that the cultural implications of any one actor playing a character will be considered fully. Actors that are part of the BIPOC community are strongly encouraged to audition. Uprising Theatre Company, the director, and playwright believe that the topic of guns is nuanced and affects every race of people differently. Through previous productions, the playwright has found that the script can be interpreted with different intents and nuances depending on the specific choices of the actor playing the character, which is why the characters aren’t race specific. However, we do believe that the role of Josh is written explicitly for a white man. We want to cast 2, ideally 3 actors of color. We will do everything in our power through expanding networks and recruiting to ensure we are able to cast these roles diversely.


If cast in FRIENDS WITH GUNS you can expect a process where your specific voice, agency, and safety are priorities, and your specific experience is valued. In the interest of transparency both the playwright and director are white women. Both the playwright and director are also open to any questions you might have about the process and script before accepting a role. The aim is to give you access to this incredible contemporary script and characters, with a process that prioritizes your dignity and powerful voice. Because we believe that greater representation on stage benefits the wider cultural identities of the Twin Cities audience.


More about Uprising Theatre Company:


Praise for Friends with Guns:


““Friends With Guns” is a subtle, savage feminist parable” – F Kathleen Foley, LA Times


“A masterful piece for the right foursome with strong scenes for F/F, M/F and M/M. Well-crafted, excellently paced, and a scene study dream. Fully locked and loaded.” -Ignition Arts


“FRIENDS WITH GUNS was a finalist for InterAct's inaugural New Play Development Award. Out of a record-breaking 432 submissions, FRIENDS WITH GUNS stood out to us through its specific characters and its clever, surprising, feminist approach to gun ownership.” -InterAct Theatre Company


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