'Here We Go' Feature Film Audtions

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Name of Project: 'Here We Go'

Type: Feature Film

Genre: A Coming of Middle-Age Comedy



When their high school drama director passes away, Tori, Nathan, Kate, Sienna, Brandon, and Kaya, now in their 30s, return to their hometown for his funeral. They reconnect and see in each other and themselves how they’ve changed, and how they haven’t. Forced to confront how they thought their lives would turn out, they make their way through the weekend, trying their best not to let the ennui of adulthood and existential dread brought on by the march of time ruin their reunion.


Production Company: Oxford Comma Film Cooperative

Paid Project: Stipend

Audition Dates: Friday, Dec 16th + Saturday Dec 17th

Video Submission Deadline: Saturday, Dec 17th by Noon


*** We vastly prefer an in-person audition if you can make that work, but we will accept video auditions for those who are unavailable to audition in person.


Callback Date: TBD

COVID POLICY: Actors working on the film must be vaccinated and boosted.


Shoot Dates: TBD - We are casting early so we can build the schedule around actor availability in Late Summer and Fall 2023. There will be approximately 20 shooting days.



All actors auditioning must be 30+


TORI (Mid-30s)

Sensitive, self-deprecating, and a little immature, Tori has given up a more traditional life path to pursue a career in the arts. She enjoys middling success in commercials and dinner theater, but taking ‘the road less traveled’ has left her lonely and


(This role requires the ability to sing.)

(This role requires a scene in a bra and underwear, and an implied sex scene.)

(This role requires minimal smoking and the portrayal of disordered drinking.)


KATE (Mid-30s)

Sharp and fashionable, Kate is a bit of an ice queen. She doesn’t like to let her feelings get in the way, and truly thinks that if her outside is perfect, she can hide the damage she carries inside.

(TW: Disordered eating - this character is addicted to exercise and has disordered eating habits. The actress who plays this role must be thin/fit, and able and willing to run on camera).

(This role requires a scene in a bra and underwear.)


SIENNA (Mid-30s)

Sienna is a basically happy woman, but has lost some of her identity to motherhood. The trip down memory lane allows her to reconnect to a part of herself she thought was lost, but causes her to question if who she is is compatible with who she wants to be.

(This character is plus-sized.)

(TW: Disordered eating - this character talks about her disordered eating habits as a teenager.)

(This role requires a scene in a bra and underwear.)

(This role requires a kissing scene.)


BRANDON (Mid-30s)

Brandon is a rebel without a clue - after college, he moved to the West Coast and began working in IT. While he is basically happy, he relies a lot on novelty to keep himself engaged in life, and struggles to see the seriousness in a lot of situations. While his fun and games approach to the weekend brings much needed levity, it

might hurt those around him.

(This role requires smoking a fake joint.)

(This role requires a scene in underwear.)

(This role requires a kissing scene.)


KAYA (Mid-30s)

Kaya is the one who stayed behind in her hometown to hold down the fort and follow in their drama director’s footsteps. She’s a compassionate, intelligent, and kind teacher who, while on the introverted side, cares deeply for her students and her friends.

(Preference will be given to LGBTQ identifying actors.)


All actors will need valid driver’s licenses.


To secure an audition slot, send your headshot, resume, and the roles you might be interested in to [email protected].


More about the film’s director, Vanessa M. H. Powers:

Vanessa is a prolific and award-winning film director who has been making films professionally since 2011. Her company, the Oxford Comma Film Cooperative has tackled topics ranging from hysterical to heartbreaking, spanning almost every genre you can think of. Vanessa and her team have consistently delivered character-driven, thought-provoking, and stylishly told stories, with just enough Midwestern flair to make you say ‘ope.’

Her works have been seen in festivals across the country and around the globe, and she even has 2 feature films, ‘Keepsake,’ and ‘Witch,’ available on Amazon.com. Most recently, ‘Sins of the Father,’ the horror feature she directed which was produced in association with Under_Score Productions won the Audience Award after a sold out premiere at TCFF.

For more information and samples of Vanessa’s work, check out: https://www.oxfordcommafilms.com

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