Hit the Wall at The Southern Theater auditions - Lighting Designer and Stage Manager positions also available

Mixed Precipitation announces auditions for Hit The Wall, Minnesota native Ike Holter's play honoring queer ancestors and the historic events of a pivotal night at a gay bar known as the Stonewall Inn.

Hit The Wall, directed by Teresa Mock, will be presented as part of the 2019-2020 season at The Southern Theatre for the AMPLIFY series. The AMPLIFY series is in an inaugural year and seeks to give voice and platform to underrepresented stories. 2019 also marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. 

It's the summer of '69, and the death of music icon Judy Garland has emboldened her queer followers. A routine police raid on an underground Greenwich Village hotspot erupts into a full-scale riot, the impetus of the modern LGBTQ rights movement. That's the well-known, oft-rehearsed myth of Stonewall, anyhow. Smash that myth against the vivid theatrical imagination of playwright Ike Holter, and you get HIT THE WALL. Remixing this historic confrontation reveals ten unlikely revolutionaries, caught in the turmoil and fighting to claim “I was there.” 

Performance Dates: 

Nov 14 - 7:30pm

Nov 15 - 7:30pm

Nov 16 - 2pm, & 7:30pm

Nov 17 - 2pm

Rehearsals will begin in October and will take place during weekday evenings and/or Saturday daytime. Location TBD. Stipends are available for all roles. 


Auditions will take place at OutFront Minnesota in the Sabathani Center,  310 E 38th St #209, Minneapolis, MN 55409 

On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm Now closed 

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Performers will be seen in 10-minute slots.  Performers will be asked to read from the script. Sides are attached to this posting and will also be available at the audition. 

Please use the theatre forms link included in this notice to schedule your audition time. There is a place to upload your headshot and resume. Hard copies at the audition are also welcome.

Click here to schedule an audition


We are casting the following roles: 

Cliff - drifter type, drunk on hope with a half-pound of amazing weed in his backpack. Would probably be considered bisexual. 

Tano - half of the “Snap Queen Team”, Puerto Rican, fiercely territorial, able to cut a bitch in half with a single wit. 

Cop - Good ‘ol boy just trying to do right by the law. Has never questioned the “Right” or “Wrong” behind what he’s ordered to do. Amazing at the intimidation factor of his job.


Already cast: 

A-Gay - Late 20’s early 30’s. Attractive smooth talking Harvard grad who can pass for straight. A clipped, uncaring vampire with a great closing argument. Played by Jacob Jäc Miller

Newbie - Fresh off the boat early 20’s queer. Not only knows where the party is, he leads it. Played by Asher Edes

Carson - Black strong and silent type with a hidden cache of bitchisms that could clear a room. Sticks to his moral ‘til they’re pried from his fingers. Played by Ricky Morriseau

Peg - “Stone Butch”, could possibly pass for a man. Spits out words like hand grenades; nearly at the breaking point. Played by Shannon McCarville

Roberta - Strong black woman with tirades to prove it. The most well-dressed and educated Freedom Fighting Hustler you can think of. Played by Commarah Brashar

Mika - Other half of the “Snap Queen Team.” Not as fast as Tano, but probably smarter. Black, tells it like it is, calls it like he sees it; sees the glitz and glamour through tinted shades. Played by Michael Terrel Brown

Madeline - Peg’s sister, has no business being at the riot. Must host a brunch in the morning and has no time for civil rights or emotional outbursts. Secret-smoker, terrible driver, has had enough. Played by Jillia Pessenda


*** A Stage Manager position is also available, a stipend is offered. Please contact Teresa Mock directly if you are interested in this position. 

*** A Lighting Designer position is also available, a stipend is offered. Please contact Teresa Mock directly if you are interested in this position. 

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