The Feral Theatre Company will be bringing a new play called "The Tale of The Bloody Benders" to MN Fringe this summer. It is the first play about America's first known family of serial killers: The Bender Family. In the play, we explore storytelling and why we tell gruesome stories. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we are looking to fill the role of John Bender Jr. 

John Bender Jr. is the "son" in the Bender Family unit. He is the brawn of their murderous operation, hitting their victims on the head with a hammer. He is forced into playing a dumb act to sway suspicion away from him. He is secretly married but is having an affair. Every actor in the show is apart of a tight-knit ensemble, so working in groups is a must. 

We are looking to fill this role quickly, so please email [email protected] with a headshot and resume. Attached is the schedule we have been on. If interested, you must be able to follow that schedule with limited or no conflicts. We are seeking an adult of any gender for this role. If you have any questions, feel free to email. 

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The Feral Theatre Company
Braden Hanafee-Major


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