Lead Commercial Cleaner

Lead Commercial Cleaner

We are a woman owned, growing, green company committed to social enterprise. We pride ourselves on paying a living wage and being a positive influence on our employees and our clients.

Our two offices are located in the Longfellow neighborhood in Minneapolis, where your opinions matter and a sense of humor is always welcome.

At Two Bettys, an elevated level of employee and client support is not just a goal, but part of our mission. And our mission is reflected in everything we do.

The HQ staff at Two Bettys serve, buoy, and assist our cleaners and employees so that they can be their best. The administrative environment is cooperative and dynamic.

Space is created to learn from experience while aiming at clear and specific goals. Problem solving through challenges is supported and encouraged.

If this sounds like a mission and a space you could thrive in, we would like to hear from you.

The Lead Commercial Cleaner is equal parts cleaner and supervisor. This position will be accountable for a small team of commercial cleaners who will look to you for guidance, support  and training. While some of the hours are flexible, this position requires someone who is open to working with the commercial cleaning team during night and weekend hours. This is a benefitted hourly position with an opportunity to grow.

What are we looking for:

Client and Cleaner Whisperer  – You are adept at handling nuanced interactions with clients and employees alike. You seek to go the extra mile when it comes to customer service and ensuring that all parties’ needs are considered and taken care of. You care and you are patient.

Learning Leader – You are able to self motivate as well as motivate the team you are working with. This role requires you to adapt and excel in a growing environment. You work to grow and prosper alongside your team.

Trust Builder – You know how to communicate with charm, authenticity and integrity. The thought of making strong first impressions and begin building trust on first contact is the name of your game. Working for clients that support our worker first environment and building a strong and trusting team warms your heart, and your positivity is infectious.

Operation Cooperation – We are a team, first and foremost. We believe in working together and having each other’s back. You value your fellow worker and will work hard to make sure we are all moving forward, helping someone in need without question.

Cool and Confident – You are able to represent yourself and the business you work for with grace and confidence. You are able to articulate our culture and our mission through phone and email interactions that allows all parties to feel comfortable and assured in the business.

Eco n’ Friendly - You believe in the environment and protecting it. You believe everyone should make a living wage and that your job is more than a place you show up to in order to get paid. You believe in being a positive force within your community. You treat all with respect and kindness.

More about this position:

The Lead Commercial Cleaner will be the main contact between the client and your team, as well as between Two Bettys HQ and your team. This position is  accountable for high quality cleaning and consistent and excellent client care. The LCC works in the field and does administrative work supporting clients, fellow staff and company goals.

  • You like the idea of working alongside your team doing physical labor, and then zooming out to help with administrative and planning tasks.

  • You know people and can anticipate client needs, and co worker needs before they even realize them.

  • Your prompt email or phone correspondence keeps all parties equipped with the information they need to move the business forward.

  • You are comfortable using basic computer programs like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Mail and Drive, and CRM experience a plus.

  • You are organized and excited to create and recreate systems in order to maximize efficiencies and minimize redundancies.

  • You enjoy juggling several tasks and rising to occasions.

  • You are proactive and excited to identify and eliminate problems, knowing when to bring in leadership and when to propose your own solutions.

If you think this describes you, please submit a cover letter, resume and references with LEAD COMMERCIAL CLEANER in the subject line by Monday, May 21st to:

[email protected]


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