Lead Role at DayTrippers Dinner Theatre

Seeking the role of JOHNNY in the play Bermuda Avenue Triangle by Joseph Bologna and Renee Taylor. Johnny is a lead role in the play. He is an elderly, suave gambler. Dresses elegantly and is a compulsive liar.  He is charming and persuasive  as both our leading ladies in the play fall in love with him.  Johnny is lovable and has a big heart in spite of his difficulties with the truth.  The actor's age can vary, but realistically I'm looking for someone in the 50-70 age range.

The play runs from September 12th through November 15th. We play every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, and Fridays are often on the schedule. Curtain is 1:15PM for each performance. Rehearsals begin August 22nd. This a paid role with a rehearsal stipend. DayTrippers Theatre  is in Bloomington MN and rehearsals take place at the Lenox Community Center in St. Louis Park MN.  Auditions begin immediately. Send your picture and resume to [email protected]. Include a phone number.

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Posted June 5