Lighting Designer/Operator for "Goodnight, Absalom!"

The Fox & Beggar Theater seeks an adventurous and creative Lighting Designer for its upcoming 15-show tour of "Goodnight, Absalom!" through Duluth, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Rapids and Detroit. All shows will be performed outdoors for free in public parks, community spaces, and sustainability-oriented land projects. While we are not able to provide conventional touring wages, all 14 touring company members will receive a $1,000 project guarantee, 5% of all tips and donations from shows, and free lodging, food, and transportation while on tour. 

Tour Dates are Aug. 29-Oct 3, with weekdays generally off for relaxation. The tour will take this company through a number of fun and beautiful locations with the chance to connect to some incredible communities. "Goodnight, Absalom!" is performed from a solar-powered double-decker pop-up Vaudeville theater built from an 18' box truck. You can read more about the project here.

The LD will be creating a working design from our stock of DMX-controlled LED lights, run from the audience off a Bluetti power station. The lights will be mounted on and in the truck, and on stands. The LD and the Spot Operator will be working together to hang and focus lights each night and run them during the show, as well as play a (very minor) role in the show itself -- the show breaks the 4th wall quite a bit. 

An ideal candidate would be someone energetic, creative, and ambitious -- possessing a strong desire to play and to have fun in the context of a socialist, independent, and justice-oriented traveling theater company with a lot of spirit.

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