Maximum Verbosity seeks director for Fringe Festival show

Maximum Verbosity is currently seeking a director for their show in the 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival (August 3-13).

Title is "Serpentine", and the show is a dense verse retelling of the myth of Tiresias (the transgender prophet). Cast consists of two actors (male and female), who divide text between them -- it is, perhaps, best to think of it as a monologue for two voices. Extremely text-heavy but does contain potential for interesting physical/visual interpretation by a director so inclined. Reflecting the source material, the script contains much that is graphic, ugly, and sexual (there are variations on bestiality, necrophilia, rape, incest, snuff, etc.).

Text runs roughly thirty minutes (and is divided into three cantos), and would ideally be paired with complementary material (e.g. storytellers, poets, dancers, etc.) This is something the producer is willing to coordinate, but would like to do so after conversation with the director.

Ideally seeking candidates who

- have a love of dense and complicated language;
- are comfortable working with extremely vulgar, unsettling, or horrific material;
- have a love of Greek mythology; and
- have some experience with the Fringe.

Interested candidates with some background in any (if not all) of the above points are encouraged to contact, however. Small stipend; e-mail for details. Please submit resume to [email protected] before the end of May.

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