Mixed Blood Interstate Auditions



By Kit Yan and Melissa Li

 Directed by Jesca Prudencio

Interstate is a Queer Asian-American pop-rock musical about two trans people at different stages of their journeys, navigating love, family, masculinity, and finding community in the era of social media. It charts Dash, a transgender spoken word performer as he goes on a cross-country tour with Adrian, a lesbian singer-songwriter, as the activist band, Queer Malady, fueled by the allure of fame and a desire to connect with the Queer Asian community. The band’s fiercely political and deeply personal music touches Henry, a transgender teenage blogger living in middle America, who finds solace in their art as he struggles with his own identity and family.



Auditions: VIDEO AUDITIONS****

Production Dates: First Rehearsal: February 10th, 2020

Run Dates:         March 6th-March 29th, 2020

Compensation: $635/week, Equity and non-Equity



Adrian Tong:      Asian-American. Cisgender femme  lesbian. Mid 20s. A singer-songwriter and skilled guitarist. Focused, honest, coy. (Mezzo-Soprano)

Dad:                    Asian immigrant. Cisgender man. Early 50s. Dash’s Dad. Clueless and supportive. (Also Noise #3, Derek, and Seth.) (Baritone/Tenor)

Pastor Fred:       Caucasian-American. Cisgender man. 30s. A leader of a small Kentucky church community. Compassionate and yet close-minded. (Also Noise #2, Jason, Chad, and Brett.) (Baritone/Tenor)

Carly:                  African-American. Cisgender woman. Late 20s. A handsome butch lesbian. Confident and caring. (Also Noise #5 and Substitute Teacher.) (Alto)


We encourage transgender/non-binary actors to audition for the other cisgender roles as well. We also encourage non-professional actors to audition.

Vocal Ranges

Although the music is currently written for the ranges above, we recognize the gender limiting language of voice and musical theater, and encourage people of all unique vocal ranges to submit.


Please prepare an accompanied upbeat or pop song. 

For all characters listed, sides will be emailed upon receiving. 



To schedule an audition, please send your headshot/resume to [email protected], and include the role you're interested in auditioning for. (I.E. Full Name, Character, Show) You will be given audition sides to record a video audition. Please make sure to specify if you are AEA, EMC, or NON-UNION and if you are a local Twin Cities actor. All are welcome!






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