Music Director Needed for "Mary Poppins" (May 14 - Aug. 5)

Children's Castle Theater (CCT) seeks a Music Director for its summer production of Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins; with auditions/rehearsals/performances May 14 - Aug. 5, 2018

Music Director Job Duties/Qualifications:

  • MUST be able to play piano well enough to teach production songs. (CCT has a keyboard that you may use for rehearsals.) At this time CCT intends to use recorded accompaniment for performing the production.
  • Instruct cast in learning all production music to a high quality standard.
  • Instruct cast in learning timing for lines that are spoken over underscoring so actors know when lines begin and how much time they have to say each line.
  • Assist actors in characterization (as related to songs) while working within the overall directing staff show vision.
  • Work with large groups of actors as well as individuals of all ages (especially child and teen actors). See "About CCT Casts" below for more details.
  • Answer cast/parent questions (when possible) and direct questions that can not be answered to the appropriate staff member.
  • Use rehearsals to not only teach production music but to help actors grow in their ability to; read/understand sheet music, strengthen vocal tone/talent, learn proper voice health (so not to harm throat/voice).
  • MUST be willing to travel to Lakeville for auditions, rehearsals, etc. and have reliable transportation.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Education/Performance or similar field.
  • 3+ years experience teaching music to youth (preferably in a theater setting). 
  • CCT is happy to consider those with experience that does not match the preferred qualifications, however the stipend may be lower for those with less experience/qualifications.

Rehearsals are held Monday-Friday evenings from 6pm-9pm as well as Saturday mornings and afternoons. Music generally rehearses 15-20hrs per week for the first 3 weeks (based on actor ability) with rehearsals (approx.) 15hrs per week during weeks 4-8. Dress Rehearsals occur on week 9 and run from 6pm-9:30pm. Music Director is not required to attend performances (though it is preferred if possible). 

About CCT Casts:

CCT is an intergenerataional community theater organization with a focus on creating theater opportunities for youth. Casts range in skill and experience level from beginner to amateur working artists and former professional artists. The cast for "Mary Poppins" will include actors age 5-adult. The majority of actors (around 75%) are historically age 12 and under with teens and adults making up around 25% of the cast. Casts are generally made up of 65% (or more) returning actors. 

CCT intends to cast (approx.) 150 actors in the production. Approximately half the actors will be cast in "double cast" roles (which means their will be two casts sharing performances) - so the amount of actors on stage at any given time is not quite as daunting as it seems. Actors in double-cast roles will be part of the ensemble and will not be cast in leading roles.

CCT is known for creating high quality, large cast musicals where all actors learn music and choreography and are taught that their role is an important part of the show. Actors are instructed to practice at home and understand that theater is as much a team activity as an individual one. CCT has been producing large cast musicals since 2012. In-house staff (directors, costumer, set-designer and choreographer) have combined 65 years of experience producing shows for CCT.

As productions are performed in partnership with Lakeville Area Community Education, background checks may be required by the school district for all production staff.

CCT does NOT take attributes such as race, weight, height, economic status, gender orientation, etc. into consideration when casting productions.

For more information on the age ranges that CCT intends to cast in each role please visit;

Important Dates:

  • Auditions - May 14-16, 6pm-9:30pm
  • Rehearsals - May 29 - July 21, 6pm-9pm
  • Dress Rehearsals - July 23-26 and Aug. 1 (or) 2
  • Performances - July 27 - Aug. 5 (8 total performances)

Stipend: Up to $2000 (DOE), paid at rehearsal completion

Please send resume (or summary of experience) and cover letter (or letter of interest) to; [email protected]

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