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Professional Development for Singer-Actors, Directors, and Coaches

JUNE 25 TO JULY 15, 2022

on the campus of 
the University of Minnesota

Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

The Wesley Balk Opera / Music-Theater Institute is unlike any other professional development program in the country. Now in its 45th year, the Institute builds upon the basic skills of singing, acting, and moving, and unifies these essential musical and theatrical components into integrated performance.

The Institute is dedicated to developing radiant performers — those singer-actors who, regardless of genre, communicate a strong sense of vulnerability and performance by taking risks which express emotional depth, breath, and nuance as they respond to intuitive impulses with spontaneity and freedom. Radiant performers demonstrate a balance of skills and confidence in their musical, emotional, and physical expression; commit to the disciplines of the craft and lifelong learning; and communicate an individual artistic voice of unique and creative expression.

This intensive three-week session features an outstanding staff of instructors who create a stimulating and challenging environment, providing respectful observation, support, and instruction by focusing on individual growth instead of competition or comparison. Special attention is given to ways in which a radiant performer interacts with their material, their artform, their colleagues, and their community.

Since its inception, the Institute has had a profound impact upon hundreds of participants who have found its concepts applicable to all styles of performance, ranging from traditional opera to Broadway musicals to new and experimental music-theater.

A limited number of positions as Stage Director/Dramatic Coach or as Music Director are available this year. These participants attend all Institute activities, and work closely with performers on their scenes.

The Institute is part of the professional development program of Nautilus Music-Theater, a group of operatic theater artists known nationally for creating new operas and music-theater, and exploring classic works in innovative ways.

$1,400 for Minnesota residents

$1,400 for non-residents until April 15th; $1,600 after that

A few partial scholarships available for selected BIPOC participants 
On-campus housing available (approximately $70/night)
Registration due by May 12, 2023

Go to for more information, and to submit your registration (through YAP Tracker).

Comments from past participants:

"The institute changed my approach to singing, acting, and teaching -- in short, it truly changed my entire way of thinking" • ”The Institute gave me an abundance of information that I'm sure I'll be exploring and digesting for years to come!" • "It brought out all of the best aspects of myself and gave me the tools I need to develop and trust my instincts" • "I've been stretched body, mind, and soul -- I'm ready to embrace new challenges and situations full of imagination, creativity, sensitivity and an acceptance of myself I've never had before" • "As an experienced performer, I was able to examine and explore my habits and to distinguish them from my instincts" • "Musical rehearsals were super -- the music directors were great!" • "It was a wonderful atmosphere for growth as a singer-actor and as a person." • "The whole program is well-integrated and a great value!" • "An incredible journey right to the soul."

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