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Rate of Pay: 

Lakeshore Players Theatre is thrilled to announce auditions for non-union actors for:


By Michael Frayn

Directed by Greta Grosch


The show opens January 27th, 2023. Rehearsals will take place on evenings and weekends from December 12th, 2022 - January 26th, 2023 at Lakeshore Players Theatre. There will be time off for Christmas Eve/Day & New Year’s Eve/Day. 

You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have proof of vaccination in order to participate. A booster is encouraged but not required to participate.

You must be available for all performances to be considered. 

Performance dates: 

Fri. Jan. 27th- 7:30PM

Sat. Jan. 28th- 7:30PM

Sun. Jan 29th- 2:00PM

Fri. Feb. 3rd- 7:30PM

Sat. Feb. 4th- 7:30PM

Sun. Feb. 5th- 2:00PM

Mon. Feb. 6th- 7:30PM

Fri. Feb. 10th- 7:30PM

Sat. Feb. 11th- 7:30PM

Sun. Feb. 12th- 2:00PM


In person auditions will take place between 6-9PM on Monday, October 10th at:

Springboard for the Arts

262 University Avenue West

St. Paul, MN 55103

 and Tuesday, October 11th at:

The Hanifl Performing Arts Center

4941 Long Ave.

White Bear Lake MN 55110


We are also accepting video submissions until Monday, October 10th at 11:00AM. You will be contacted if we’d like to see you for callbacks.

Video submissions may be sent to: [email protected]


Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, October 12th from 6:00-9:00pm at the Hanifl Performing Arts Center.


You may schedule an audition time HERE.

Please submit your headshot, resume & contacts by uploading them on THIS FORM.


Please prepare two (2) contrasting one (1) minute monologues, one with an English accent, one without.


SYNOPSIS: NOISES OFF is a play-within-a-play. A theatrical company is rehearsing and performing a production of a farce called NOTHING ON. The majority of the cast plays two characters, an “off stage” actor, and their “on stage” character. The play-within-the-play will require British accents. 


Dotty Otley / Mrs. Clacket: A middle-aged actress and the top-billed star of the show. Dotty portrays Mrs. Clackett, the housekeeper. Dotty struggles with her lines and stage business. Her character, Mrs. Clackett, is similarly befuddled. One of the backers of the play, Dotty is in a romantic relationship with Garry.


Brooke Ashton / Vicki: A young, attractive actress, Brooke plays Vicki, the sexpot Roger lures to the play’s country estate. While Vicki is a professional woman, Brooke is empty-headed and has difficulty following conversations. Brooke is romantically linked to Lloyd, and spends much of the play wearing only her lingerie. She frequently loses her contact lenses.


Belinda Blair / Flavia Brent: Belinda is a capable actress who tries to keep the show on track as the others go further and further astray. A bit of a gossip, she reveals all the romantic triangles to the rest of the group and delights in being “in the know.” She portrays Flavia Brent, Philip’s wife. Flavia is upper-class, poised, and far more sensible than the characters around her.


Garry Lejeune / Roger: Garry Lejeune portrays Roger, a real estate agent. Offstage, Garry is hotheaded and jealous, especially when his relationship with the show’s star, Dotty, goes sour. Garry’s most distinctive attribute is his inarticulate speech. He frequently completes sentences with, "you know..."


Frederick Fellowes /Phillip Brent: Frederick Fellowes plays Philip. Both the actor and the character often find themselves in the middle of situations they did not cause. Freddy is always apologizing to the other members of the company for his stupidity, and is prone to nosebleeds at the mere mention of violence. He repeatedly seeks out reassurance and validation from Lloyd.


Selsdon Mowbray / Burglar: An aging actor, Selsdon is an incorrigible alcoholic who is also hard of hearing. He plays a Burglar trying to break into the Brent's home, and is often caught sneaking off with a bottle of liquor.


Lloyd Dallas: The beleaguered director of Nothing On. Altho he has an inflated self-image, his theatrical star may have faded. In a love triangle with Poppy and Brooke, as the play progresses, he seems more interested in his romantic relationships than the production’s success. Lloyd has no patience for the cast’s inability to master the requirements of the show.


Poppy Norton-Taylor: The equally beleaguered Assistant Stage Manager. She wants to do a good job and is likely the most professional in the company. In a relationship with Lloyd at the beginning of the play. In addition to suffering through the cast’s many mood swings, she must also contend with the inconsistent affections of Lloyd. She is the understudy for the female roles.


Tim Allgood: Tim is the perpetually exhausted and over-worked Stage Manager who also acts as the company’s understudy. He hasn't slept in 48 hours as of the beginning of the play.


*Additional extras may be cast for onstage appearances while also understudying principal characters.


A modest travel stipend will be provided.


We ask that all actors be masked for the majority of rehearsals, removing masks only during tech week and for performances onstage. All creative team members will be masked for rehearsals.

Masks are encouraged but not required for audience members at this time.

These protocols are subject to change with CDC recommendations & COVID rates & transmission.


At Lakeshore Players Theatre, we recognize the systemic change that needs to be made in the theater industry to promote diversity and equity and to celebrate inclusion. 

We strongly encourage actors of all races, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds to audition for this production.  We are actively investing in creating an environment that is safe, accessible and welcoming for all.


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