Original Production : The Wonders (based on the film "That Thing You Do")

Based on the 1996 hit film, “That Thing You Do,” written and directed by Tom Hanks, the movie has been adapted for the stage, with permission, by Bill Coldwell & Randy Herget (co-directors), and Scott Rogness (co-writer of several songs from the original motion picture/musical director).

**General Auditions – June 18-19, 2018
On Monday and Tuesday, June 18 and 19, 2018, general auditions will be held for the remaining roles in the show. “The Wonders” is NOT a traditional musical. It’s a play, featuring live musical performances. Please read the ALL the information below so you understand the roles and requirements, so you can be prepared for your audition. You should come to the audition knowing what type of role you’re interested in (please note, all roles are amateur/non-paid):

Speaking role (roles available for men and women ages 18-50+)
Singing performance role (roles for men and women ages 17 – 50+)
Featured dance role (teens and couples for beach movie, nightclub, go-go, showgirl scenes)
General ensemble role (men and women ages 18-50+ for small speaking roles)
Extras (teens and adults ages 13 – 50+ to portray fans, patrons, venue staff, waiters, ushers, etc.)
Play-Tone orchestra/ensemble musicians (bass, keys, drums, brass, or wind players needed)

Cast size: 30 to 50

Speaking Roles: No preparation needed. We’ll have you read various sections form the script, in small groups, to get a feeling for your ability to create different characters.

Singing Performance Roles: (See age/ability requirements below). Three acts perform in a short concert at the end of Act 1:
- Freddy Fredrickson sings “Mr. Downtown.”
- The Chantrellines (3 females) sing “When You Hold My Hand, You Hold My Heart”
- Diane Dane sings “My World is Over.”
- Back-up singers (2 or 3 female) will back up Freddy and Diane You can either 1.) learn the featured song from the show and we’ll accompany you, or 2.) bring a prepared song from the early 1960s that reflects your ability to create a character like the one you’re auditioning for. You can accompany yourself on a guitar or piano or bring a piano score for an accompanist to play.

There are a couple of acts who participate in a Talent Contest in Act 1 of the show. The first is a trio of female college-aged folk singers playing acoustic guitars/etc. If you want to try out for this, bring your guitars and a prepared song, and sing for us. There’s also a small ensemble of brass players that play an instrumental Latin-style folks song. If you play a brass instrument or in a brass ensemble, let us know!

Featured Dance Roles: Everyone in the ensemble will dance in some fashion or another (talent show crowd, night club crowd, state fair crowd, movie scene, etc.), but we’ll feature some dancers in various scenes – especially teens and young adults. If dancing is that thing YOU do well, come and show us! We’ll have a choreographer teach some steps, and then run them in small groups.

General Ensemble Roles: The ensemble is very important to this production! There are several crowd scenes, and lots of roles that have a few lines or none at all – but are key to the show. Please let us know, when you audition if you would like to be in one of these roles.

Play-Tone Orchestra: There’s not a traditional pit orchestra for this show, but the final scene of Act 1 is a performance by the “Stars of the Play-Tone Galaxy.” The Play-Tone orchestra will accompany Freddy Fredrickson, The Chantrellines, and Diane Dance on three songs. If you play drums, bass guitar, keys/synth, or a reed or brass instrument, and want to be part of this on-stage performance, come to auditions and let us know, or just email us for consideration. Some of these players (drums, bass, keys) could also be featured as the Jazz Trio at the Blue Spot nightclub scene in Act 2.

REHEARSAL SCHEDULE All rehearsals will be held at the Chaska Community Center Theater, 1661 Park Ridge Dr., Chaska MN
Rehearsals will generally be held Sunday through Thurs evenings, July 15th – August 30th, and daily from Sept 4th through 12th.

No fee for participation.

PERFORMANCE DATES All performances will be held at the Chaska Community Center Theater, two weekends, Thursdays – Sundays, September 13 – 23rd, 2018

For more detailed information, visit https://www.cvft.org/wonders-2018.

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