Park Square Theatre: Sound Supervisor

Rate of Pay: 
$20.00 $22.00


Job Title: Sound Supervisor 

Classification: Part-time, hourly per production 

Pay Rate: $22 per hour 

Benefits: Discounted Parking, Safe and Sick Time, Comp Tickets Per Production, 

POSITION SUMMARY: The Sound Supervisor implements the setup for a given productions sound  design through all productions. Supervisor will manage, in consultation with the Technical Director, the  allocation of PST’s equipment and acquisition of equipment from outside vendors. This position is  responsible for overseeing all day-to-day sound needs including equipment, supplies, inventory, booths  and storage areas. The supervisor works under the Technical Director to help maintain expense budgets,  upkeep on sound booths and equipment storage, create and maintain equipment inventories, repair sound  equipment, and train production sound operators as needed.  


  • Monitor and maintain sound equipment and supplies 
  • Create and maintain a sound equipment inventory 
  • Review season production schedule and verify operator schedule is in place and sound equipment is ready and available. 
  • Attend production meetings as needed within a budgeted amount of hours. 
  • Set up a given production’s sound system in the theater as per the sound designers needs and within the allotted production set up time. 
  • Supervise any additional sound crew needed during sound setup. 
  • Maintains safe and clean workspace. 
  • Preform needed repair or maintenance on equipment. 
  • If not able to perform in-house repair, arrange for equipment to be delivered to vendos or replaced. 
  • Oversee productions specific sound notes that the sound operator is not able to remedy. ∙ Assists the Technical Director with recruiting and hiring of sound operators. 
  • At close of production, strike sound system elements not directly part of the theatre’s basic sound system. 
  • Help Technical Director with future system improvements and equipment needs during the annual budgeting process. 
  • Act as a backup sound operator if a production’s operator is unable to perform their duties. 
  • This position can actively run sound on a given production but that duty would be in addition to the above responsibilities. 

Qualifications and Skills  

  • Minimum Bachelors in Theatre or related field or equivalent experience 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Minimum 2 years experience in theatre sound 
  • Knowledge and expertise of up-to-date sound systems and equipment 
  • Knowledge of digital audio mixing 
  • Ability to program Q-lab 
  • Ability to communicate effectively with contract sound designers 
  • Experience with sound equipment maintenance and repair. 

Contact information

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Meghan McLaughlin
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Posted July 14