Seeking Scenic Design Fellow

Rate of Pay: 

Theater Mu is seeking an emerging or early-career designer with a professional interest in scenic design to assist scenic designer Mina Kinukawa during the production of The Kung Fu Zombies Saga: Shaman Warrior & Cannibals. During their residency, the fellow will gain a working knowledge of the design timeline, ideation arc, and deliverables; the artistic relationships between the scenic designer, the director, the technical director, and other production team members; strategies for scenic research and design dramaturgy; and basic model making and drafting.

Stipend: $750

Application process: Email a resumé, brief cover letter, and any portfolio materials to [email protected] by Jan 31, 2023. If you have any questions about the role, please reach out to production manager Jay Claire at [email protected]. Theater Mu strongly encourages AAPI and BIPOC candidates to apply!


Important Dates

  • Full residency is from Feb 15, 2023, through July 21, 2023

  • First rehearsal is Jun 15, 2023

  • Tech is July 11-21, 2023

  • Opening night is July 21, 2023


Required qualifications: 

  • 1+ years of academic, professional, or internship experience in scenic or props design, OR 1+ years of academic, professional, or volunteer experience as a theater technician in any design area.

  • A stated interest in the area of scenic design and a demonstrated desire to learn.

  • A strong collaborative work ethic!

  • A demonstrated commitment to Theater Mu’s mission and values as an arts organization built upon social justice, exemplary theater, and Asian American stories.


Desired qualifications:

  • 1+ years of experience with model-making and hand or digital drafting (Vectorworks or AutoCAD).

  • 1+ semesters of academic experience with dramaturgy, scenography, or set design.

  • Skill in drawing, painting, sculpture, or mixed media artwork .

  • A portfolio of recent design work in any area.


Roles and responsibilities: 

  • Attend design and production meetings as requested by the scenic designer, director, or production manager. At these meetings, you will participate freely as a full member of the creative team and keep detailed notes.

  • Support the scenic designer in their ideation and refinement process, such as assisting with visual and dramaturgical research, model making and drafting, and more.

  • Accompany the scenic designer on walk-throughs and shop visits as requested. 

  • Supervise the realization of the scenic designer’s vision during technical rehearsals. The scenic designer will be absent during tech week, so the scenic design fellow will steward their design throughout the tech process. The scenic design fellow will attend all tech-week production meetings in the scenic designer’s stead, take detailed notes, and keep open lines of communication with the scenic designer, the technical director, and the rest of the production and design team. 

  • Complete Theater Mu’s post-show fellowship survey.

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