Space still available! - Introduction to Meisner Technique - Oct 18 - Dec 17

Introduction to Meisner Technique

October 18-December 17 

This class meets twice a week:

  • Wednesdays 7pm-10pm and
  • Sundays 5:30-8:30pm (no class Thanksgiving week)

900 6th Ave SE, Studio 245
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Fee $375 per student, Limited to 12 students. Students work every class.

An introduction to the Sanford Meisner approach to acting technique – sixteen acting classes are conducted in an eight-week session. In this class the actor works to learn and apply advanced acting principles through a step-by-step progression of exercises that develop his/her ability to work organically, and to create truthful and expressive behavior in acting. This workshop is for actors of all experience levels ages 21 and over.

Sanford Meisner defined acting as “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Meisner Technique instills in actors the basic, essential skills of: listening, responding truthfully and spontaneously, committing to actions, using imagination to fully create and personalize a set of given circumstances, and identifying each individual’s personal emotional connection to those circumstances.

If invited to participate, a $100 deposit will be required to hold your place. The deposit is refundable if you cancel your registration one (2) weeks before the beginning of the first class. The balance is to be paid no later than October 4 and is non-refundable.

To schedule an interview, email: [email protected]

Here's some great feedback from recent students:

"I found the Meisner Technique extremely valuable to my work as an actor and artist. The way I have enjoyed doing scene work has parallels to what the Meisner Technique strives to reach for. Now that I have groundwork to a more truthful and meaningful performance, I believe it will streamline my productivity in any art setting I am a part of. Meisner allows me to dig deeper into the heart of the situation I’m faced with and come out with an experience I am proud of. Rich Remedios as a teacher is supportive and thoughtful. He treats each student to an honest opinion with the expectation of an honest answer in return. An exercise stays in line and within the parameters the student should be working with because of Rich’s constant encouragement on the sidelines. It’s easy to be invested in the class because of how much Rich enjoys teaching it." - Troy Michael Lowry

"This was very helpful to my work in general as an artist. The relaxed focus approach was extremely helpful. In my years as a performer I have always struggled with trying too hard. This technique helped me confront that. I have noticed myself "trying" while I practice for performance now and I have stopped separating the state of mind needed for both. In other words the place my practice comes from will be the same place my performance comes from. So, quit trying! [Rich is] very clear in that everything was said or done by him to enlighten and not to tear down. " - Carol Selin

"Awesome teacher. He doesn't feed you bullshit but he's also very giving and understanding. He's great at pointing out things that may be holding you back and great at praising you when need it." – Corey DiNardo

"I absolutely think Meisner Technique is helpful to get you out of your head and out of your rehearsed patterns.  It stretches you and reminds you that being in the moment is to let go of control and to have real experiences, not manufactured/presupposed responses to things that are said and done. "Play" happens and it's fun. Rich is an excellent teacher.  He is patient and honest and offers his view in a way that lets you know that he's looking to see YOU bring the work to life in a way that is uniquely yourself and not a idea of what he thinks it should be.  He is an encourager and makes you want to up your game as far as the preparation and work you put into what you bring to class.  He makes you feel that if you are enjoying your time working as his student, he is enjoying it as much!  It's a challenge and a joy to have someone speak to who you present and call you to even greater work. I love that you get to work every single class and that classes are relatively small so you get time and don't feel rushed through.  It is also stressed that you do the work: your classmates are dependent on you, so homework and class work are not taken lightly and (at least in my group) everyone works hard and shows up prepared. " - Bethany McCade


Rich Remedios is a Minneapolis based actor and teacher. He is a certified Meisner Teacher from Larry Silverberg's True Acting Institute; is a graduate of the 2-year Meisner training program at the William Esper Studio in New York where he trained under Terry Knickerbocker and Maggie Flanigan; studied in The Shakespeare Lab at The New York Public Theatre; and completed professional internships with Circle Repertory Theatre and Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Rich is currently working towards his teacher certification in Michael Chekhov Technique with the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Cornsortium.

Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from California State University, Fullerton and a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of South Carolina.

He has taught at University of South Carolina, Kennesaw State University and Clayton State University, has been a teaching artist with Mu Performing Arts and a guest teacher at Macalester College and the Guthrie Theater. This fall, he will be teaching at Augsburg University.

His acting credits include Broadway productions of AN INSPECTOR CALLS and LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! Regional theatre credits include productions with Jungle Theater, Mu Performing Arts, Frank Theatre, Theatre in the Square, Theatrical Outfit, and Milwaukee Rep.

In film and television he recently completed filming the independent feature films THE PUBLIC DOMAIN and TO SAY GOODBYE. He has also been seen on the hit TV show DROP DEAD DIVA, and recurring roles on ALL MY CHILDREN and AS THE WORLD TURNS as well as numerous commercials, short films and industrial videos.

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