Theater Mu & Jungle Theater seek Actors/Musicians for Cambodian Rock Band



Director: Lily Tung Crystal   Music Director: Mark Christine   Casting Director: Sheena Janson Kelley

Six actor/musicians make up the cast and perform a mix of contemporary Dengue Fever hits and classic Cambodian oldies.

Seeking: Both Equity (AEA) and non-Equity


All auditions will take place at Theater Mu: 755 Prior Ave N, #107
Saint Paul, MN 55104

*If you would like to submit a video, please send inquiries to [email protected]

Monday, December 16th, 2019:

11:00am – 4:00pm

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019:

3:00pm – 8:00pm


Wednesday, December 18th, 2019:

Time TBD


Actors who play an instrument strongly, regardless of how the instrument lines up with a listed role, should still be seen for consideration.

You may sign up for a slot here:



Please self-select what role you would like to be considered for and sign up for a timeslot.

All music and script sides (including the full script- please do not share) can be found here:

- CHUM, TED/LENG, NEARY, DUCH Auditioners: Please prepare acting sides, plus the relevant music sides listed below. 

- Neary: please prepare music side + cut of a song of your own choosing in the musical world of the show (rock/pop preferred). Accompaniment will be provided for all NEARY vocal auditions. You can find a practice and accompaniment mp3 in the Dropbox. 

- Drummers: please prepare music side + a song of your choosing and put both on tape. (No vocals needed) **Drummer Auditioners: All drum auditions need to be submitted via video (not in person). Please submit videos by Dec. 16 to [email protected] and list your availability for a callback Dec. 18.

- Keyboards: please prepare music side + cut of a song of your choosing

- Guitar players: prepare music side + cut of a song of your choosing (instrumental & vocal)

- Bass players: prepare music side + cut of a song of your choosing

You can hear examples of the music on the Spotify playlist called “Cambodian Rock Band.” 

CAMBODIAN ROCK BAND PRODUCTION DATES: 2020                                                                 

1st Rehearsal: May 26

Tech Rehearsals: June 17 – June 27

Previews: June 24 – June 26

Opening: June 27

Closing: August 2


Character Descriptions

Cambodian, 51 and 18 years old. Neary’s lovable, well-meaning, and wary father in 2008… full of charisma and dad jokes, purposefully withholding his history from Neary, and just trying to bring her back to safety in America. Unsettled by her interest in the dangerous Khmer Rouge. We also see him as a sincere, optimistic young man in the 1970s, caught between fleeing Cambodia and sticking with his beloved band The Cyclos. More of a fighter than we may initially expect. MUSIC: Guitar or Bass Guitar, vocals. Serves mainly as an actor but instrumental skill a necessity.

Cambodian-American, 26, (also plays SOTHEA). Headstrong, intelligent, and ambitious. Grew up in Massachusetts, and has spent the past two years investigating war crimes in Cambodia. There is also a vulnerable quality about her—she’s a little lost, because she hasn’t figured out a part of her own history. She’s a strong young woman, but also a child wanting to connect with her father. MUSIC: Lead vocals (powerful belter who can let loose vocally, and with personality), may play tambourine. Serves as both an actor and a singer.

Cambodian, 20s, (also plays TED, Neary's supportive Thai-Canadian boyfriend). Chum’s best friend and bandmate in the 1970s, frontman for the band who focuses on the group's professional future as a way to avoid thinking about Cambodia's political turmoil and what it might mean for him. Will do anything to survive and can control the room, despite being conflicted by moral choices. Underneath his bravado, we find he's a bit of a coward. MUSIC: Guitar or Bass Guitar, vocals. Serves mainly as an actor but instrumental skill a necessity.

Cambodian, 30s/40s/maybe 50s. The physicality and presence of a spirited emcee and trickster. Vivacious, funny, mischievous. A leader. Incredibly educated and charming… but with a darkness underneath it all. The ability to suddenly transform into a terrifying and sadistic monster. We’re seduced by him in Act 1, before finding out he’s a war criminal in Act 2. Justifies his actions by saying he’s only following orders, but we see that he is haunted. Hides his true passions in order to amass great destructive power. MUSIC: No musical skill necessary, but music background a plus.

Cambodian, can be of any gender identity, 20s-30s (also plays JOURNALIST). A bandmate in The Cyclos. MUSIC: Drums/percussion. Serves mainly as a musician.

Cambodian, can be of any gender identity, 20s-30s (also plays S21 GUARD). A bandmate in The Cyclos. MUSIC: Keyboard, vocals. Serves mainly as a musician.

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Jungle Theater, Theater Mu
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