Unarmed Stage Combat Classes


Continual Stage Combat Classes-Drop in for an hour or more!!


Who wants to do some fake bare-knuckle fight'in'?
Well, here is your chance!

Aaron Preusse will be teaching an ongoing Unarmed Stage Combat Course in which you have the option to participate in a Skills Proficiency Test provided by the Society of American Fight Directors.

The Skills Proficiency Test is provided by the Society of American Fight Directors and serves as a benchmark for skill level and achievement, that is an industry standard for actor training. If you are serious about your craft, stage combat training is imperative.

Whether you are just starting out or have been performing for years, unarmed techniques are 90% of the violence that happens on stage and film. You owe it to yourself and your partners to have safe and believable skills to bring to the table. This class will provide those skills and make you look awesome in the process! Join us for some butt kick'in fun!!

All skill levels are welcome and encouraged!


Mondays 6:30-10pm

September 18th  - December 4th (Test Date-TBC, Dec 8 or 9)


Central Lutheran School

775 Lexington Pkwy N. St. Paul, MN 55104

Fee Options: 

$10 per visit

$100 for 12 weeks

$300 for 12 weeks AND Skills Proficiency Test with a Fight Master from SAFD

Those of you wishing to renew your certification, this is an excellent opportunity!

Any questions or to register please contact Aaron at:

[email protected]


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Aaron Preusse
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Posted August 11