Candid Theater Company is excited to announce auditions for their upcoming production “We Won't Pay, We Won't Pay" by Nobel Prize Winner, Dario Fo.

“We Won't Pay, We Won't Pay” is inspired by actual events in 1980’s Italy, where interest rates were fluctuating hundreds to thousands of percentage points in a single day. 
One day in a particular village, the women decided that they had enough when a loaf of bread doubled in price from the time they entered the store until the time they went to check out. These woman revolted by looting the store, taking what they needed to feed their families.

Dario Fo takes us on a hysterical and poignant journey with two such women and their somewhat dimwitted husbands. We follow Antonia, and Margherita on their Lucille Ball-esque adventures in hiding their bounty from both their husbands and the government which is hot on their trail.

Thursday, 6/29 from 6-9pm
Friday, 6/30 from 6-9pm

Callbacks, 7/1 from 12-4pm


Location: The Phoenix Theatre, 2605 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55408

Please come prepared with two contrasting 1 to 2 minute monoloques. Age, race, and gender-inclusive casting (just have sharp comedic timing) 

Please submit your headshot and resume to [email protected] with the subject line WWP and your preferred audition date/ time, and we will try to accommodate your request

Performances will be held in the Black Forest Inn’s private dining room, August 23-26, 30-31st and September 1 & 6-8


  • Antonia: A supporting housewife that joins the movement of stealing food at the supermarket and faking pregnancy. Wife of Giovanni
  • Giovanni: Husband of Antonia. Believes in the Law and Government but then gradually joins the farce movement.
  • Magherita: Antonia's friend. Antonia persuades Magherita to join the farce movement and ultimately convinces her to lie to her husband that she is five months pregnant and is in labor within a day!
  • Luigi: Magherita's husband. Becomes a "crazy person" in his words.  This actor also performs as the Sergeant: speaks mostly in propaganda slogans – “If the people want change they’ll have to do it themselves.” “What if the law is purely for the benefit of the rich?” – which makes Giovanni suspect he’s just an agent provocateur. Trooper: the authoritative Inspector, who’s READY to arrest everyone for their involvement in the supermarket looting.

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