Word. The Urban Musical Radio Play Auditions

And Here..  We... GO! 

We are officially holding auditions for the two-time Minnesota Fringe Production for a radio play version of Word. The Urban Musical.  

A play that was created and workshopped in Duluth Minnesota as 2006. 

This version will be done in front of an audience following Covid-19 protocals in the Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis.  The performance dates are November 30 December 2, 4,5,6, 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13 of 2020

This is a paid opportunity for equity/ non-equity actors through box office as well as continued partnership for a summer performance in the Minnesota Fringe 2021. All auditions must be video submitted.  Please send a headshot/resume along with a dramatic/comedic monologue, as well as a 32-bar song piece of any music style. You may be asked to read excerpts from the play itself for further decision making. 

All submissions should be sent to [email protected] 
Submit now 9/4 until 9/25


As far as casting, here is who we are looking for. 

Broadcast: Male; Mixed Race, Native American, Latin American (18-40) The main programmer of W.O.R.D. He has the hard task of closing the station down. Has a hidden secret of the station. 

Randy: Black Male (18-40) One the greek chorus members, a worker at the station who narrates the story. 

Andrea: Female; Any Race (18-40) One of the greek chorus members, a worker at the station who narrates the story. 

Peter: White Male (18-40) One of the greek chorus members a worker at the station, worker at the station who narrates the story. 

J.R.: White female/ Mixed Race (18-40) Graffiti Artist- Sarcastic, playful, heartfelt, has a deep urban culture dynamic to her.  

Flo: White female (18-40) Punk Rocker- Has an anger streak, Pat Benetar meets CBGB, feminist, love interest. The vocal belter of the show. 

Wyatt: White Male- (18-40) Uncultured- Sheltered and conservative, Think of Richie Cunnigham visiting Compton, Navin R Johnson from the film ‘the Jerk.” The crow scene in the animated film Dumbo, very adorable yet, very offensive. The comic relief of the show. 

Lawrence: Male; Any Race (16-30) Main B-boy of the show, very competitive, has to maintain the leadership he “thinks” he has. Stuck in life of battling Lynn. Love interest. 

Lynn: Female; Any Race (16-30) Main B-girl of the show, very competitive, has to maintain the leadership she “thinks” she has. Stuck in life of battling Lawrence. Love interest. 

Guy: Black Male- (18-40) Boss. Thug leader, wants local power. Befriends the D.J. 

Licious D (Female Singing Group) 

Dhi: Female; Any Race (18-40) Ditsy, Cute/sexy, adult version of Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls. Susan Moonsie from Apollonia 6. 

Dorita: Female; Any Race (18-40) Aggressive/sexy, Second in command, Kelly Rowland, can't stand Dhi. 

Denisha: Female; Any Race (18-40) Goddess, leader of the group, Apollonia of Purple Rain. Movements like Jessica Rabbit. Oozes sensuality. Vocal appeal of Arianna Grande. 

Magic Man: White Male (18-50) Sleazy, Pimp wannabe, black male poser, scruffy voice, only interest is making money.

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