Michael Kaiser is the President of the Kennedy Center and author of The Art of the Turnaround and, from what I hear anecdotally, the guy knows how to give good advice to arts organizations and artists.

You can hear him speak and talk to him probably too if you head down to the Ordway in St. Paul tomorrow.

9 am "A meet and greet with Mr. Kaiser" - for those of you who like that stuff.
10 am "The Community Conversation begins, with a subsequent Q&A discussion"

Seats are limited and first-come, first-serve (though I think there are some still left). Email [email protected] .org.

And, for those of you who hate this kind of stuff (and I happen to be one of those people half the time, but just when I'm cranky), MNPlaylist will be down there to give you a quick summary in this space on later in the week.

Sorry for the short notice.