Skewed Visions has just posted their first episode of CUBICLE, a monthly series of "site-specific podcasts designed to be watch at work."

I think they just invited a thing. Check it out. Remember the theater company is called Skewed Visions. Don't be surprised when you don't see Steve Carrell. Relax into it. I liked the dancing office supplies, personally.

Sandbox Theatre has commissioned graphic novels every week in anticipation of their production of .faust. . . OK, so they're also trying to sell tickets, but it has a certain stand-alone appeal.

You've got to suffer through their suped-up website, with the moving and resizing icons business, and click a bunch of times to get through to the ".faust art work" and the full book. In other words, we can't link directly to their first graphic novel, which annoys me. Plus, I'm not sure each page of the book displays as large as I need it to - but now I'm feeling like some old, cranky guy who's just angry that I knocked over my early morning glass of whiskey while reaching for my inch-thick reading glasses and complaining about who moved my drink in the first place when I live alone and. . . O, sorry, what was I talking about?

The images are great, and the idea of drawing other art forms and artists into the theater makes us happy. (Pun intended. Us, oldsters, like the puns.)

People have been babbling about how theaters can use the Internet better for at least five years; now these two Minnesota companies are just doing it.

Yay for them.