Tom Poole pointed out on our Facebook page that getting health insurance in Minnesota through Fractured Atlas is not really, well, exactly do-able. Liability insurance and other stuff, yes, but health insurance, well,

We followed up with Director of Membership and Program Development Adam J. Natale at Fractured Atlas to get the exact low-down. Direct from his email:

It is true. Due to state by state regulations, it's very difficult for us to get health insurance plans for artists in every state. Currently, we have plans available in about 30 states -- MN is unfortunately not one of them. We're always trying to get more plans and, maybe with some of these new laws, some of the barriers will be broken down, but we can't promise anything.

That being said, here are two things you can relay to your members:

- We offer access to something called the Arts Wellness Network which, though not insurance, is a discount program that allows folks access to a network of 100k+ healthcare practitioners (including GPs, dental, vision, alternative care, etc.) across the country. Basically, it's like a coupon system. For about $15/month, you can log in, browse the network, find a practitioner that suits your needs, and see what discounts they offer on their services. For example, maybe you need a dental crown replaced. Maybe one dentist normally charges $300, but through the Arts Wellness Network, you can get it for $200. Again, it's not insurance, but a good supplement to an insurance plan and/or something that's better than nothing at all. More info can be found here:

- Also, your members are always more than welcome to contact our offices with questions about health insurance in general or to ask for assistance in finding a plan in your area. We're always here to help.

OK. So, anyway, if you're a member of MinnesotaPlaylist, and you want to get membership to Fractured Atlas too, email Andy Rollins, our editorial assistant, for your super-secret, special code.