First, what hasn't changed: You can still find 40-70 classifieds on this site every day in the same location and post your own. You can still twitter to the homepage with the #mnpl abbreviation in your tweet. You can still become a member and advertise when your work can be seen on stage around the state. You can still basically use the site exactly as you have in the past.

What has changed? We wanted to make two features more user friendly: the performance calendar and the magazine.

Did you know that our performance calendar is one of the most comprehensive in the state? Thanks to you, we list almost all the performances in the Twin Cities and many of the performances in the suburbs and beyond. Thanks to Leah Cooper's programming skills, you can narrow your search based on location and date but also genre or theater company or venue. And you know that your search won't be mixed in with by what bands are playing wherever or what art exhibits are opening. Added bonus: your results will always come back neat and colorful.

It's a worthwhile tool for even your least theater literate friend. Actually, it was theater illiterate friends asking for our help finding theater that inspired us to redo the "Now Playing" section's look.

In the left column next to the performance calendar, you'll also find the magazine content much easier to access, both on the homepage and in the archives.

On the homepage, you'll see the most recent article at the top regardless of the topic, and we'll be publishing good articles as often as we get them, whenever we get them, rather than waiting for a particular month.

Click "magazine" or "Theater Talk" to find all our in-depth articles categorized into 12 categories (rather than by monthly issue). We hope we publish articles that have value regardless of when they were published. Return any time to the "Process" issue to find quality rehearsal space for rent, or visit the "Management" section for tips on how to organize your career or your nonprofit organization.

As examples, below this article we've republished to the homepage some representative articles that we hope still inform, intrigue, or amuse, including a video interview with world-class sound designer/composer Victor Zupanc; stunning behind the scenes photos from photographer Craig VanDerschaegen; a historical exploration of how the standard American rehearsal process developed; a personal narrative of survival as a writer; serious advice on how to be a critic, and more.

Don't worry: New articles are coming soon.

Thank you for you using the website, and special thanks to graphic designer Kelyse Gould for working within Matthew Foster's original design to create these changes for us.

Alan Berks