Editor's Note: Our new microphone picks up very quiet talking—and the occasional deep whir of the Intermedia Arts theater's heater. We apologize for the inconvenience. Even at those moments of excess noise, you will not have any problem hearing the interview.

Minnesota film makers, live on stage from Minnesota Playlist on Vimeo.

1. Why are you here instead of L.A.? [0:00-4:44] Answers include: Family, necessity, creative inspiration, and funding. Plus, "The studio system is changing," explains Rob Perez.

2. The good and bad of living outside "the system," [4:45-9:29] including opportunities missed, but compromises averted and perspective gained. You start to forget the real people in the world. "I'm kind of getting the feeling that 'they' either want you in the system or you're not part of it at all." – Ali Selim.

3. About working with Minnesota actors [9:30-16:38]: Lack of knowledge of the camera or just disdain for film? Patrick and Rob disagree. Plus, what makes it worth being here and what happens when you hire mediocre actors. "I think if you can do theater really well, you can do everything well." – Patrick Coyle.

4. And also not working with them [16:39-18-58]: Marketing, marketing, and financing. Why casting a "nobody" in a movie called Nobody was trouble no matter how good he was in the role. "I wouldn't do it again unless I was going to make a movie for a fraction of the cost." - Rob Perez.

5. Is the film industry really changing for the better? [18:59-22:35] Re: The democratization of access, technology meeting the economy, and how screenplays will never get any easier to write. "Does this business ever get easier?" - Patrick Coyle.

6. What is your creative process? (or, how do you write good screenplays?) [22:36-27:07], including the difference between screenplays and stage plays and about explaining to the studio executive how to feel. "The steepest learning curve I ever had as a writer, was as a director. . .There's nowhere to hide anymore." – Rob Perez.

7. On knowing what's important. [27:09-29:30] Is it quality of experience vs. quantity of audience? Can you have both? What do you need? "I'm not gonna say that's the wrong way to live, it just didn't happen to be the way I chose," - Bill Corbett.