There is a national conversation about theater that you can eavesdrop on through blogs like Parabasis and Playgoer, among many others. (Those, for some reason, are the ones I habitually check.) is a website that aggregates a lot of these conversations about ticket prices and risk-taking artistic work and nonprofit management and any other theoretical discussion on the nonprofit theater world that you can stomach.

#2amt is the twitter feed. #2amt grew out of an initial twitter conversation where ideas were tossed around as though it were that special creative time at 2 in the morning. They can explain it better themselves.

We thought it might be fun to see what some of the national buzz was about.

If you'd prefer we just stuck to Minnesota specific issues and the #mnpl hastag, let us know. Otherwise feel free to jump into the conversation using #2amt AND #mnpl.

It'll give your 140 character deep thoughts a larger audience.