What is your dream production? With your dream cast and crew? Performing the concept you've spent the last three years perfecting in your head? Or what about that silly idea you threw out at the bar one night that everyone said was brilliant?

Put it to the test every week in MinnesotaPlaylist.com's new Fantasy Theater League!

Monday and Tuesday rate your favorite fantasy productions.
Wednesday through Sunday submit your own.

Here's how it works:

Using only local artists, choose whatever FIVE actors, designers or others that you want to use in your ideal production. Remember: all the artists must be local. Assume that all other aspects of the production are equal: size of venue, production budget, ticket price, etc. Your goal is to craft an idea using our local theater community that is the highest rated each week.

Prizes to be named later.

Disclaimer: This is a game. Any resemblance to upcoming productions is purely coincidental. The actors named here have not been contacted about this show nor agreed to perform in anything. These ideas are pure fantasy.

Vote below on the first round of teams from some of MinnesotaPlaylist's regular writers and contributors. Voting remains open until midnight Tuesday.

Be honest.

Then come back on Wednesday to submit your own idea.

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