I just recently met Levi Weinhagen. Other people I know have known him for a long time. I feel as though I've been cheated that they didn't introduce me sooner. He seems like a great guy.

Some people might take that as an invitation to send me dirt on the guy. Since we've already made him Guest Editor of MinnesotaPlaylist.com for the next two months, it won't do much good. You can send the dirt anyway, just for fun, but you might as well just sit back and enjoy--and maybe learn something. Levi seems like not only a great guy and a funny guy but also a wonderfully curious and smart guy.

His biography is below.

We'd also like to thank to Camille LeFevre for taking care of the website in March and April. If you missed these articles, I recommend rereading this, this, and this, at least.


Levi Weinhagen is the co-founder of the Twin Cities based all-ages theater company Comedy Suitcase. Levi has been working as an actor, performer, and theater producer in the Twin Cities for the past dozen or so years. He’s been lucky enough to consume the performing arts in Minnesota for about twice that length.

Prior to that Levi spent a great deal of time babbling and wearing nothing but a diaper. But he likes to think of his early childhood years as performance art that was a commentary on the idea of American self-reliance. He can’t be blamed for his audience’s inability to access his art.

As an adult Levi has written for and performed with numerous companies in the Twin Cities. Those companies include but are not limited to: the Brave New Workshop, The Ministry of Cultural Warfare, HUGE Theater, Bridge productions, Comedy Sportz TC. He is a founding member of the improvised comedy sensation Sir Laffs-A-Lot and His Merry Jokesters. In addition to writing for the stage Levi is a freelance writer who puts words in either serious or comedic order depending on their intended use. For more information about Comedy Suitcase or Levi Weinhagen use the internet.

Email him with your questions, ideas, or comments.