There’s buzz in theater and arts communities across the country, and particularly here in the Twin Cities, about Mixed Blood’s announcement that they would be offering free admission to all of their shows for the next three seasons.

The Star Tribune talked to Mixed Blood founder Jack Reuler about what Mixed Blood is calling their “Radical Hospitality” program.

"While eliminating an important barrier to admission, it will not mean any compromise on quality, said Jack Reuler, founder of the 35-year-old company."

“’We will still have topnotch talent in acting and directing and writing,’ he said. ‘This is a way to be true to our egalitarian mission, which is to be totally inclusive.’”

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Here’s a write up about the announcement on MPR’s State of the Arts blog: Read full article

It seems likely that many donors and supporters of live theater will see a program like this and want to give more support to an organization like Mixed Blood. Perhaps more than just covering any gap created by a reduction in ticket sales revenue this new program could lead to growth of programs at Mixed Blood.

What are your thoughts on this new program?
Will this lead to more theaters addressing accessibility through ticket price changes?
Will this program lead to consistently more butts in seats?
Can offering free admissions without stipulations devalue the work of artists?