It’s easy peasy participating in the MN Arts Count. The process takes less than five minutes (more like two minutes). The first MN Arts Count is a census for “individuals who engage in creative expression” as well as for “businesses, facilities, and organizations that promote and support creative expression,” as the website states.

Remember the Legacy Amendment? Well, as part of that dedicated funding the Minnesota State Legislature has called for the Minnesota State Arts Board and regional arts councils to conduct a census of artists and artistic organizations.

Or, as Brian Strub, communications & government relations director at the Minnesota State Arts Board, says, “As part of dedicating funding to the arts from the Amendment, the state legislature has called for the Arts Board to conduct a census of artists and artistic organizations to measure the far-reaching influence of creative expression in the state. This isn’t only for professional or full-time artists or grantees. No matter how well or how publicly you share your talents, be proud and be counted.”

The folks at the legislature know artistic expression and engagement is of critical importance to Minnesotans. They don’t know how many of us actively participate in the arts as makers and producers.

Who should participate? “Anyone who, as a personal pastime or a profession, sings, acts, dances, writes, draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates, photographs, films, weaves, directs, play an instrument, composes, share stories, designs, or any other form of creative expression,” according to the website. They also want to hear from “any business, facility, agency, or organization that produces, presents, or promotes creative expression.”

By participating in the MN Arts Count, individuals and organizations can help demonstrate the many ways Minnesotans participate in the arts and the importance of supporting the arts. The MN Arts Count is the first ever attempt to count the number of Minnesotans who actively take part in some type of creative expression.

The count ends April 30. So hurry up. As the MN Arts Count tagline goes, “From ballet to bottle caps, your art counts.”