First, let me admit that FOOD BLOG has been very disappointing to a lot of people. There are so many interesting food/Fringe topics that were never considered or just plain ignored. How did this happen? Well, it would be easy to blame the Republicans, but at a certain point we need to work together and try to move forward.

Next, a great big thank you to Ben San Del for asking me to be in his play. I had a wonderful time. (Not during rehearsals in that un-air-conditioned dance studio, but after that.) And a tip for anyone considering doing a Fringe show - get Tim Hellendrung and Leigha Horton to be in it. They're terrific.

I'll remember the 2011 Fringe Festival for it's McEwenyness. Katy McEwen as a chicken warrior and Caleb McEwen flinging wet toilet paper at Mike Fotis' head provided moments in which I experienced life at a higher level. Thank you, McEwens.

I saw less of some Fringe friends this year and that's entirely due to my inability to move beyond the old Bedlam space. I miss them.

But I saw more of Robin Gillette and she was never anything but warm, attentive and friendly. Shouldn't she be in full freak-out-mode all the time? It pains me to be alive to witness the end of American Democracy, but maybe if we just turned the whole thing over to Robin it wouldn't be that bad.

And thanks to everyone who put on the shows I got to see and those who put on the shows I missed but wanted to see and those who put on the shows I should have seen but was too thick-headed to get to. It was a delicious privilege to have a dinner plate at the Smörgåsbord of art that is the Minnesota Fringe Festival. FOOD BLOG!

Tonight, I'll have dinner with my wife for the first time since Fringe began. I'm making this.