The Community Behind the Curtain

Sin Eater was the perfect last chapter for my Fringe experience. Tamara Ober’s exhausting mountain climb matched the last few days- and I wanted to relax in the cleansing springs along with her. Like many I had traveled through countless venues, met amazing artists, ate horribly-great around town, and celebrated Minneapolis with my friends.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to bombard myself with the creativity that swirls around this city. As an artist- I was swept by the boldness of creators to take ownership of their work and claim these stories with no apologies. As a resident- I was inspired by all of the effort and intelligence it takes to produce a show that reaches out towards a hungry community. As a person-I was educated by every single person I met that shared a piece of their own experience with me.

I discovered that every show represents a community and every community deserves to be represented. When you are able to see yourself-breathing-making choices-living, you can begin to examine your own breathing-choice filled- life.

It became impossible to write about a piece without thinking about myself behind the curtain. Who do I fight? Love? Hate? Where do I contribute to the greater good? What mountain would I climb and for whom?

The Fringe became more than just a list of “best of’s” or “audience favorites." Time after time I was more moved by what each artist shared in 50 minutes than how well they performed. I know I may forget who was the funniest, but I will always try to remember the joke.

I want to thank Alan Berks for inviting me to blog for the Fringe- a challenge that terrified as much as excited me.

Just Between You and Me: I began to miss it all late last night while sitting, beer in hand, staring at my horrible television with Netflix calling like an old friend.