spending some quality time with the Fringe website to try and make myself a plan:

1:00pm on Sunday:

anything with white woman or white people in the title - and its musical theater!
-rarig thrust

oh hell no title
-new century

something i actually thought looked interesting and fringey
-mixed blood

smarmy title that i keep seeing so i prolly gotta find out what this thang is about
-women's club

2:30pm on Sunday:

oh hell no title with a white woman in the picture!
- rarig proscenium

something i actually thought looked interesting and fringey
-new century

looks like cool dance even though they didn't classify it dance

4:00pm Sunday:

the very first show i remember being in as a kid and yes i was in the sack

i wanna see it
-theater garage

oh hell no title and white people in the pic
-red eye

so close to home its gotta be funny (or it better be)
rarig thrust and new century

5:30 pm Sunday:

-everything looks way too serious


dance community pre-requisite viewing
-the southern


person of color alert!
-new century

fellow blogger show
-playwrights center


the kind of thing i'm prejudiced to hate so i GUESS i should check it out