Today I saw three Fringe shows: Imagination Island, Wanderlust and Clocked. 2 one person shows and one musical theater piece that was the audience favorite at the Rarig Proscenium. Sundays at the Fringe are chill and I like 'em. I can pack in three or even four shows on a Sunday and still come home to bed before midnight.

Hope Cervantes deserves admiration for her work telling her story in Imagination Island: Surviving Reality. This is one of the Fringe shows Alan was mentioning in the blogger meeting when he talked about "sometimes the show is their baby." But Hope is an accomplished performer and a damn good storyteller, so this baby is not only cute but can also deliver true emotion and dynamic shifts to keep the whole piece balanced.

Wanderlust was this white man telling the story of travelling around West Africa and the parallels to his real life here, well, in New York. He was a damn good storyteller too, and he was making a bunch of points about his personal growth and development and that is all good stuff. He also cracked some jokes that bugged me and was so culturally white, just so so white, that some of the stuff he was saying about his experiences made me cringe.

Clocked was silly and fun but well rehearsed, or maybe performed by a group that knows each other well. The connections between the performers were so apparent and made every segment sparkle with that feeling you should get at a musical. These young people were the good earnest kind of threat, the kids that sings and dances and acts well, moves naturally onstage and knows how to perform fully. No eyelid in this show! And a audience participation Mad Lib! And guess what, "The Sandwich" was in the show! He was great, which made me realize that I shouldn't have been poking fun at him and that I rudely did not return his question about if he had any performances coming up. Boo Ms. Kenna. So I'm new to writing for others and at that meeting Alan said we can't take back anything we said so, now I have to learn. Whatever I say is going to be out there...

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