Whew, that was close. It is kind of amazing how dramatically the landscape can transform in a short amount of time.

On Saturday Jan 20th, I was standing outside of The Republic with some members of Annie and the Bang Bang, and Leah Cooper - one of the formers owners of MN Playlist, with nary a jacket on between any of us. Two days later I’m trying to usher my small children to the back door through snow that is up to their waist.

But before the snow hit we partied it up with you all at our Winter Bash 2018. It was a great evening with the first ever Theatre’s Choice Awards (winners below) and music from three bands: Timbre Ghost, Josh Harmony & Co, and Annie and the Bang Bang.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone that came out, thanks for supporting Minnesota Playlist and thanks for being part of such an amazing community. Thanks to everyone who voted in the awards, thanks to the bands, thanks to Lisa Conley for designing and creating this year’s awards, thanks to Andrew Goulson for all the audio gear and engineering that night, thanks to Republic for hosting!

We’ll definitely do it again next year.


Winners of the first ever Theatre’s Choice Awards


Best Animal Impersonation

Roland Hawkins as Aret the Orchid Mantis


Unsung Hero: Stage Manager

Jacob Miller (Jäc Pau) Philemon & Baucis: Planet in Peril


Craziest Stage Death

Death by Ukelele String strangling, performed by Liv Augusta and Shenique Emelife in Hand-Picked at the Twin Cities Horror Fest, produced by Theatre Unchecked


Best Villain

Meagan Kedrowski: It Can't Happen Here


Unsung Hero: PR / Marketing

Phen Grant


Unsung Hero: Production Photography

Scott Pakudatis


Best show to lure your friends who don't like theatre

A DRINKING GAME-MINNESOTA from Shadow Horse Theatre


Best Improvised Comedy Performance

Bearded Men, Huge Theater - Tyler Mills, Tyler Micheals, MJ Mars, Joe Rapp, Lucas Vonasek


Best Non-Shakespearean Soliloquy

Joshua Palmer, Fat Cat Fall, Curiosita


Best show to get you unfollowed by a relative on Facebook

Family Dinner, HUGE Theatre