You are flexible in every sense of the word. 

You can probably change clothes in a public restroom in minutes and your feet never touch the ground. I mean, you can handle shit. 

You know what it means to free fall and you imagine different scenarios all of time. 

Sometimes when you're watching an old movie or walking your dog in the middle of day you're like, "Hell yes, I am doing something right." Admit it. 

You know where all of the free parking is everywhere. 

You know what it means to have your health because you know what it takes to protect it. 

You could probably live in your car if you have a car. And there's probably a corset or something in the trunk. You know, in case you need one. 

You have probably been to countless family events and have had to explain what you do for a living and they still don't understand what you do, but you are still doing it. 

You sort of naturally drink a lot of water. It's not common actually. Good job. 

You have empathy--and you need it to work. Imagine what that does for the people around you. 

You have fallen on your face, been told "no" more times than you can count, had a weird picture of your face printed in the paper, listened to the sound of your own voice, dared to appear foolish or vulnerable or ugly. It's not common actually. Good job. 

Life is hilarious and awful and wonderful and you know that in your bones. You remind people of this all the time with your work and that's a very good thing. 


Hang in there. Shine a light. Do a dance. Write a song. 

Post something online. 

Or don't post something online. 


Notice the sun and your family. 

Stay healthy. 

Fret and plan and think and sleep. 


And don't let this hit take you down for too long. 

You have work to do.