Fringe blogger: Sarah Wash

Fringe Lab: Experimental Performance : All art is an experiment. But some experiments are more…well, experimental…than others. With some, you know pretty well what the results will be. With others, you can't be sure. What do you get when you mix baking soda with vinegar? Carbon dioxide (and, on occasion, an enthused five-year-old). What do you get when you put on a show and there's no one to see it? I don't know--you'll have to ask Scott (our man with the camera), or maybe that mime--you know, the one the tree fell on in the forest with no one else around. What do you get when you mix baking soda, vinegar, a slide trombone, and a Scrimshaw? A bad joke. (Okay, I’ll stop now.) But what happens when you take new elements (like theater, dance, music, film, poetry, storytelling, painting, sculpture, martial arts, mime, puppetry, performance art) and limitless imagination? I have no f*%&ing clue. Let’s find out together, shall we?

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