Tom Lommel

Born and raised in Minnesota, Tom Lommel earned a BA in Dramatic Arts from Macalester College. He became a founding member of Bedlam Theatre and then took a few years off to become a corporate office guy. He feels no compulsion to sneer down his nose at the 9-to-5-ers. It's not a bad gig. Tom returned to the Twin Cities theatre scene by studying improv at ComedySportz and the Brave New Workshop which led to 17-months in the revival of Minnesota! It's Not Just For Lutherans Any More... and two appearances at the Chicago Improv Festival with his long-form team The Corduroy Rogers. Since moving to Los Angeles he has appeared on Brothers & Sisters, Don't Trust The B-- In Apartment 23, and Chris Elliott's delightfully twisted show Eagleheart. You may also recognize him as that one guy in the commercial they have for that thing they're selling on the tv. Tom misses brats -- which doesn't make any sense unless you fluently speak and read Minnesotan.

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